Smriti Irani faces social media roasting for ‘shaming her kind’ on Sabarimala


Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani has come under fire for her alleged misogyny and shaming ‘her kind’ because of her controversial comments on the raging Sabarimala controversy.
Speaking at an event in Mumbai, Irani said, “I have right to pray,but no right to desecrate. I am nobody to speak on SC verdict as I’m a serving cabinet minister. Would you take sanitary napkins seeped in menstrual blood into a friend’s home? No.Why take them into house of God?”
Her comments came amidst attempts by women devotees making unsuccessful attempts to enter Sabarimala temple in Kerala. The Supreme Court had allowed the women’s entry into the temple but women devotees were not allowed to enter when the famous temple opened for five days last week.
Their attempts were met with violent protests as the goons disguised as devotees physically assaulted women journalists and damaged their vehicles. The state’s LDF government had received flak for not being able to implement the country’s top court’s order.
Both the BJP and the Congress had supported the ban on women’s entry into the temple.

Reacting to Smriti Irani’s comments, All India Mahila Congress tweeted, “Women today are working, competing in sports, participating in all rigours of life, and yes they even happen to go their friends’ houses, all with a blood soaked sanitary napkin. @smritiirani chooses to shame her kind in typical patriarchal language and mindset of her party.”
Her comments earned her flak even from female journalists and activists on social media. Delhi Commission for Women Chief Swati Maliwal wrote, “Shameful comment by Smriti Irani. Is menstruating woman only a sanitary pad 4 this lady? When she has periods, doesn’t she go out of her house? Doesn’t go 2 her friend’s place? Without periods, can there be babies? Horrible words reinforcing patriarchy & misogyny by a Minister!”
Actor Mona Ambegaonkar wrote, “Diyar Chaddi, please show proof that someone was trying to enter that temple with blood soaked pad as offering along with proof that said blood was menstrual blood if indeed such an attempt was made. Like the ‘beef’ in #Akhlaq fridge which was not beef at all? #SabrimalaForAll”
Irani is know. For courting controversies. But in the issues of the state government and devotees making mockery of the Supreme Court’s order, one expected her to take the side of the law since she’s a senior cabinet minister in the central government.
The Supreme Court is set to hear a review petition next month on Sabarimala.


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