This man (Arnab Goswami) is journalist? I am ashamed to be from same industry: Barkha Dutt

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Senior journalist Barkha Dutt has launched an all-out attack against Times Now and its editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, for allegedly calling to gag media in India.

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Taking to Facebook, Barkha, a former colleague of Arnab in NDTV, said, “Times Now calls for gagging of media & for journalists to be tried &punished. This man is journalist?I am ashamed to be from same industry as him.

“What’s striking is his brazen and cowardly hypocrisy. So he drones on and on about Pro Pakistan Doves without one word on the JK alliance agreement that commits the BJP and PDP to talks with Pakistan and Hurriyat and is silent on Modi’s own Pakistan outreach- neither of which I object to- but since Arnab Goswami measures patriotism by such views why is he so silent on the government? Chamchagiri?

“Imagine, a journalist actually exhorts the government to shut down sections of the media, misrepresents them as ISI agents and terror sympathisers, calls for them to be tried and acted against.

“And our fraternity remains locked into politically correct and timid silence. Well I’m not a shrinking violet Mr. Goswami and no matter how many times you take my name directly or indirectly on your show, I really don’t give a toss for your opinion. I hope I will always be someone whose journalism you loathe, because trust me, the feeling is so utterly mutual that it would kill me to be on the same side of any issue as you.”

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Arnab, often accused of towing right-wing agenda through his channel, had held a debate on the ongoing unrest in Kashmir on Tuesday night. He had launched a provocative hashtag on Twitter #ProPakDovesSilent.

This was believed to be an indirect reference to journalists including Barkha and others who often criticised the central government’s policy on both domestic and foreign affairs.

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The #ProPakDovesSilent debate on Times Now had prompted many right-wing social media users to demand killings of a section of journalists, who they accused of being pro-Pakistanis because of their disagreement with the Indian government policies.



  1. I was a big admirer of NDTV. But when they supported Kanhaiya Kumar issue , i really doubt NDTV and Barkhas intentions. Arnab is doing the right thing .

  2. Arnab Gosami is a Joker of our times. He may have some mental problem or some rabid may bitten him. In News Hour he is nothing but a barking dog. I don’t know how such a media terrorist become a journalist.

    • Arnab is favourite of bhakts coz his whole family is BJPian. He naturally is loyal to his family. A blit on jour alism.

    • Absolutely well said. Hits the nail on the head. But someone should actually talk to this creature that there is something went wrong in his creation.

      • he is a human, but can you accept you are a creature, if you are young, still have a time to become a human, dont die like a heap of garbage,

    • Traitors with Indian Passports can only hate Arnav. Want to thank Arnav for tearing the pro-pakistanis and sleeper cells of the terrorists

      • Sorry but I strongly reserve to register my opinion in favor of Barkha And NDTV. This is the I mean The one Chanel that has retained balanced reporting and analysis. It easy to get carried away by the empty slogans. But constructive criticism is what is always keeps the progress in right track but where is the progress? More than 2 years now this government has brought a big naught.

        • I don’t know which way you said this? But, Prior government way of working and this government there is a way diffrence to carry work from farmers to businessmen everything is online to do work easy. Many scams are cleared. You to wait more to clear this rubbish work done prior.

      • Arnabs over the board style is not acceptable so also leftist irresponsible other media s style there is no balance it is us and them

    • Wow so healthy comments on Arnab……and Nobody sees Barkha for promoting the terror in India by making Kanhaiya Kumar a national hero……Barkha Dutt we Indian are not in sleep mode now, we are awake..and we can see with our open eyes who is right for us and for our country…So you please don’t be ashamed becoz actual you don’t have any shame…And Kudos to Arnab Goswami for showing the real face of Journalism…..

    • she is the chamcha of congress party. whatelse can explain her support for so called students shouting antinational slogans like desh ki barbadi etc. rahul was also there in the campus mind u. bharka also there. does she travel to malda to do film on violence erupted there? hypocrisy height. totally ingnore the smelling s…..

    • Pratibha….cant u debates r conducted by Barkha…always behaving in a biased manner…management of panelists in her debates..interruptions at ‘critical’ junctures…Journalist should be ‘unbiased’ ‘independent’ and ‘ free of self- prejudices’…she has all these traits missing !

    • u need 2 live for 24 hours as a common men in a muslim area nearby your current home , lets see u have only writing passion or u also have something to prove

    • Barkha is not a tolerant and independent journalist. Her reports are biased and favouring Pakistan. She has defended the acts of violence against Kashmiri Pandits. Google out that report and verify for yourself.. She deserves to repatriated to Pakistan or POK.

    • .. You are problem to your own family …how your family members tolerate you it’s a big challenge… You have to meet psychiatrist ….fir your negative thoughts

  3. Keep it up Barkha.. we need someone to voice against chamcha journalism. Arnab, Sudhir, sardana and so on.They are outnumbered who actually needs to get journalism classes again.

      • good that you brought it up. people’s memory about radia tapes is short. does anyone remember how she put up her defence on that and even the expression of her face in that photo ! she is in position to preach….

  4. I have seen a clear cut religious cleavage in journalists on Kashmir reporting . But what matters more is that , any one twisting facts or presenting false and inaccurate facts , should refrain from doing so . Inaccurate reporting , like lionizing a criminal , or sympathysing with wrong Pakistani interests , or reporting the funeral crowd of the Pakistan Army trained murderer at unimaginable figures rather than the accurate figure of approximately 20 thousand , or glorifying without questioning the presence of minors in stone throwing , or reporting the hooliganism of less than 1% people as a Kashmiri movement of the whole of Kashmir , is doing disservice to restoration of peace in Kashmir . This is deplorable .

    • And people of your respectable stature absorb and assimilate whatever the media feeds you and you filter to digest only whatappeals to your jingoistic self. Let go nation and self appeal. Let love for humanity and nation’s prerogative to secure the same corner the inhumane and pernicious dogmas you are holding. Just for a second consider that people in Kashmir are not dying for nothing. What you call Microscopic, when u visit the reality some day, I hope, will emerge as a deluge of deprived souls. Nobody is asking for Pakistan. We are striving for self determination. If still doubts persist, don’t go to knowledge for rescue, visit your own conscience. Nations are systems created to serve human needs, not to hold people to death just to maintain dead boundaries.

    • Neither barkha nor arnab can claim to be torch bearers of unbiased journalism. One is a minority appeasing lady who has made a mockery of journalism and the other considers himself chief justice of India that nation needs to know

    • Who is criminal and who is a saint that is not for a journalist to decide. A true journalist will report a news as it is without personal bias or preferences.

  5. Wel most of people are not considering him journalist, he is just like a barking dog. I must tell you he is not good for country, most of the people feel he is working for some agencies, caz his so called patriotism is damaging country image, in other words he is add petrol to current situation of kashmir. Government should ban and punish him, otherwise country will pay the price.

  6. Carry on Barkha Dutt.we the all people who carries a little “IMAN” r always wd U. Never sold yor IMAN like Indian famous anchor Arnab ,Sudhir n Rohit Sardhana.always remember lines of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ie “Jodi tor dak sune keiw na ashe tobe ekla cholo ekla cholo re.

  7. Arnab is at last showing his colours. A coward donning d mantle of courage. He is digging his own grave

  8. Congrats burkha….ur doviness actually got praised by ananother dove back in pak….m impressed at ur ability to impress upon the other side…. Keep it up..for our wisdom at least

  9. The sensationalism of media houses in general and an out right wrong propaganda, the distorting of facts to name a few are the major corrupt courses of actions that need an immediate removal. Arnab must bring some class in his discourse on tv n so should we look up at the Kashmiri problem in a neutral way. The pseudo nationalism must not by any means be taken as a form of patriotism.The Kashmir problem calls for a rational solution and should not be judged by suffising enormous patriotic components in it.

  10. Thats a braveheart Barkha Dutt. When have you seen the armchair joker Arnab outside on the streets leave alone the battlefields of Kargil? And yet he has the temerity to label the respectable journalists as PakDoves? Shame on you, Arnab. You should be swiped out of that noisy channel by a mop. Those day are not far. Watch this space.

  11. always barking .. thinking people idiot nd fool to believe him nd his ideology hes completely out of focus .. a mental disturb man .. seeks mental help

  12. Any sort of pollution is crime in India. What about noise pollution by Goswami in national tv.
    Which LAW will send him behind the bars. Nation Wants to Know.

  13. Well…said..Burkha.. Arnab shud b thrown out of journalism panel…n b made spokesperson for BJP.. n Chaddi organisation… he is a phsycho..n all such people deserve only dat…

  14. Today’s warfare methodology has changed where the enemy is not just a foreign national coming from across the border to fight.
    It is no longer a conventional war.
    The tactics of warfare has put an enormous challenge on the security force to identify and eliminate the enemy.
    Some of these enemies are as Follows :
    1. Terrorist who are born in our land but work for Pakistan
    2. Media Persons : These are more dangerous forms. They create an environment which emboldens your enemy, weaken your moral and isolates you internationally.
    3. Politicians : They also work covertly to destabilize the country. They use the countries machinery to support its enemies.
    4. NGO’s and Social Activists : These are parasites. They are mostly financed by the enemy of the country where they live.

    The above are all enemies of our country and India must formulate law to act on these set of people effectively asap.

  15. Few people or journo may hate Arnab’s style but does he assist Pakistan? No

    But ask yourself guys whose TV reporting helped Pakistan in Kargil, 26/11 terror attack, Kashmir valley for decades?

    • Barkha must be paid so high by Paki’s and aids in Hindustan I hope all commenting on her behalf will be getting something in that. she is trained cat of pak and Inc and all the middle men who has hindustani citizenship praise her every tweet and comments. I don’t where her journalism goes when the terrorist, kanhaiya kumar, and kashmiri pandits news goes on air. She should actually quit journalism and start some micro finance company to fund the sleeper cells here in Hindustan. As these sleeper cells they try so much to discourage Arnab and all journalist who does good and shows the real news.

  16. Shame on you Arnab. You don’t belong in this industry for being chamcha of Modi. You should be impartial but you r not.

  17. heard name of Barkha dutt for some years– related to scandles, pro-govt during congress regime… now she is talking like this!! is she a real neutral journalist????

  18. we never take Arnab seriously, do we…no need to react to any of his shows or comments and i never watch times now, it is not a news channel anymore

  19. The war of words between neo patriotic and pro Pakistani journalists is interesting. More truth are expected to come out

  20. The agenda of the likes of Arnab as well as most right wing trolls on the social media is to squelch the criticism of the right wing and Mr Modi no matter how brazenly they conduct themselves, no matter how much corruption happens with their participation, no matter how many get killed.

  21. While India gives infinite leeway to free opinion and expression. Media houses should restrain themselves from abusing India’s magnanimity and silence endlessly through direct and subtle reporting. Arnab and Sudhir Choudhury are doing great by protecting India’s interest through objective coverage. Propakdoves should know that they are being watched by Indian public.

  22. After this 2104 General elections India ia divided into two parts b/w the one who endorse to the ruling party admites & accept them irespective of its work done by them good or bad are called true citizen & true nationalists & the one who differs the views of ruling party is called the ISI agent, Terrorists sympathiser Pressitute & so on. Can’t understand where our nation is heading too & where it will lead us to. For the sake of self benefits few Journalists like Arnab is playing a dangerous game by forgetting interest of nation & its integrity. Shame on you Arnab, if you continue to do the same you will be ended as messenger of Hatred. Kingdoms comes & goes but what remains is your deeds. Do something which is worth to be remembered as good.

  23. I am a soft skills trainer. I need to train Arnab Goswami on Listening Skills. He is the worst listener I have ever seen.

  24. Barkha is no saint, an upa agent, corporate lobbiest, living on white money bribe, with ulterior motive as well. Shame on these prestitutes.

  25. Barkha Dutt need to ashamed of herself – biased reporting, het personal life, involvement in politics, Radia tapes – how much made must be investigated.

  26. Let us watch the fun, as in most cases these people do in the name of journalism. Let us not take any position now. If this is going to lead to a major shake up in News industry, let us welcome.

    All these people are BIASED to their conveniences and negative in general.

  27. Barkha talking about chamchagiri what can be a better joke than this nobody can take moral high ground in chamchagiri bcoz they are blatantly supporting one or the other and I am proud arnab is supporting the right person and people supporting barkha should see her reporting. Can barkha prove that there were 2 lakhs people during wani’s death rituals. Barkha you are ashamed that arnab is from the same industry but I am ashamed that you are even called a journalist in a country I live in

  28. Please work towards providing jobs and stability in families across India.., journalists are politicians now a days in a manner

  29. Barkha does the same thing like Arnab does in Shout TV…Last night’s Bucks Stop Here is of no difference..!! When can we see some civility in discussion…waiting..!!

  30. I am no follower of Arnav Goswami but, I have seen Barkha Dutt biased in her reporting. If you watch her programmes you can find out how shrewdly she stage manages her shows. Audiences invited are made to clap alone. I haven’t seen a programme where people have thrown out challenging questions in her shows

    • u cant clap with single hand there f is no smoke without fire its seem there is chamchagiri allaround noe arnab and there is no guess whoes chamcha is miss dutta .

    • agree… remember the times before election where her programs on NDTV , in absence of other channels would have got Congress back in power with thumping majority !

  31. Ms Barkha Dutt , “I think your are wrong and Arnab is has made u furious”….I support Arnab for his truthful journalism!

  32. If your journalism is based on truth and facts ur country will grow or else false propaganda will create several more divisions in nation

  33. If ,some body feels rattled by Arnab’s questions ,why glorified pen and camera coolies worry.These guys are not at all worried about our men in colours who are shielding them.Salute Arnab

  34. Barkha Dutt has a direct relationship with Congress leadership and hence cannot provide a unbiased journalism. She does what Congress politically wants her to say. Same thing does not apply to Arnab who reports what his inner conscious tells him. So Barkha Dutt, stop the the pseudo Secular journalism

  35. Arnab Goswami runs his program unbiased and allows his guests to taunt him even. The party which ruled India for decades was ridiculously abusing the religion, culture and history and culture of majority community in India. The media houses which were having a half an hour program about 30 years ago are now having a 24 hour running channel. Today these people are with same mind set doing the same. The journalists who are now complaining should have woken up earlier.

  36. Arnab is emerging as a Nazi Gobels – spreading hate and lies. He needs to be prosecuted for his hate comments on Times Now

  37. अर्नब ने जो कहा शत प्रतिशत सही है.. बरखा दत्त जैसी पत्रकार जो हमेशा भारत के खिलाफ ही बोलती आयी है .आतंकवादियो और नक्सलियों का समर्थन करती हैीय प्रधान मंत्री मनमोहन सिंह को नवाज शरीफ द्वारा “देहाती औरत ” कहने पर भी चुप रहती है.. अब वो जनता को सिखाएगी की पत्रकारिता क्या होती है..
    बरखा जैसे पत्रकारों की वजह से ही कत्रकारिता बदनाम हो रही है … अर्नब गोस्वामी तो आदर्श पत्रकारिता के एक उदहारण है …

  38. There are anti-nationals, traitors and anti social incursion in our media, who are barking dogs or we can say, are mouthpiece of Khangress alias congress party.

    Barkha dutt, Rajdeep sardesai are few of them. They are paid agents in India. If Arnav goswami is loyal and honest towards this country, then why anti-nationals like this bitch named burkha dutt is shouting like mouth piece of Pakistan ! Is she a paid agent of pakistan & saudi ? I think govt should investigate about it..

    I don’t know why these people are allowed to stay in this country ? Its a matter of concern and risk to this country.

  39. firstly look at you barkha dutt, before questioning anyone else it will better to peep in urself. We always see you and your channel running an special agenda against government and specially if matter is related to pakistan and terrorism. you are calling arnab as chamcha of BJP and mr modi, firstly look at yourself…whole india know whose chamcha you are and how you always try to run a propaganda against india and in favour of pakistan and terrorism…. remember kanhaiya kumar if dont knock your head a bit…what he did after coming out from jail…. if you have problem with our army it is better you hold a gun by yourself and prove yourself on border, if you will resist even a single bullet; form the very next moment i will start respecting you as i do for my army.

  40. Agreed. Arab may be a chamcha of BJP and Modi.
    But at the same time Barkha is a chamcha of congress family and the left wing.
    It’s better to be a Modi chamcha rather than Sonia’s.

  41. How many times you take my name directly or indirectly on your show, I really don’t give a toss for your opinion. After reading the above line of the letter she has clearly telling do what ever you want hum to unka sath dengay jo bharat ka todanay ki baat aur kaam karega. she gives a damm what ever you want to do do it.

  42. Arab Goswami has always dared to report what other journalist lack or I might say intentionally ignore. Because of his fearless he is today the best reporter in the country coz of which many are jealous. He has taken journalism to new heights. He has no weakness unlike others. I feel he is the real hero of this nation and a true Dabang. For only an educated man can tel what Arnab has done for the country. My god give him a long life to fight all odds and give the answers to the criticisms by his journalism.

  43. I am no fan of Arnab but hearing it from Barkha!!…amusing !!….a jurno with clear biased and partial reporting credential accusing other just because he shouts? to all those who think this lady is jurnalist…remember having media space does not make you one but being honest and impartial does….many who will write for awards and favors !

  44. The problem of today’s journalists is their perceived notion of being right all the time and we know everything attitude. They also kind of feel the supremacy by being known to powers that be of the day and to be in their good books pursue an agenda which may not be in the interest of the country. Unfortunately they try to rub their feelings on others and expect a favourable response and when they don’t get it they will start calling names, write open letters and use/misuse social media to wash their dirty linens. In the process they forget their nobel duty as journalists that’s to report the news as it is without any bias and without any fear or favour. Tragic journalism stooping down.

  45. Agreed…one should folow in his/her own befire preaching others…kashmir debate has always two sides of it..concerned abt kashmiris but its an integral part of india…ine should protect it rather than exploiting by criticizing our soldier’s

  46. You are no different. It’s just that he is on the other side. We know very well, whose interests you serve! How you present distorted facts…that includes each and everyone of you

  47. Barkha u r a paid agent of Pakistan. U never want to show real Kashmir issues or Kashmir. Only to baist public other than this nothing to do.

  48. Barkha Dutt ? Arnab Gosami. Gosami is a Joker of our times. He may have some mental problem or some rabid may bitten him. In News Hour he is nothing but a barking dog. I don’t know how such a media terrorist become a journalist. Barkha Dutt has the courage to speak the truth, call a spade a spade and not get cowed or bullied. Proud of Barkha Dutt as a Person, as a journalist and as a fearless crusader for truth. Salute!!

  49. Barkha, remember the Radia tapes? I guess many journalists were also ashamed to be in the same industry as yours during that time.. I still wonder how NDTV managed to stay unscathed.. they first removed Barkha from the limelight for sometime then gradually reintroduced her back when the heat was low..
    We are a very forgiving and tolerant nation, to tolerate and let live such acts as mere banalities

  50. Barkha Dutt is a chamchi herself i am no supporter of Arnab but barkha dutt u are always questioning this present govt on every issue why because you are not invited n no longer belong to the creamy layer of reporters . Being a woman n foremost an indian barkha stop favouring the stine pellting kashmiri gangs . Bloody chaps killing our jawans n you keep favouring them yes some journalists should be gagged n persecuted . Its become a fashion yo speak in a derogatory manner about our country .

  51. Burkha Dutt’s conversation with Nira Radia is enough to reveal what sort of a person she is. Arnob may be vociferous but he doesn’t stoop low. BD is a typical opportunist who has no class.

  52. Because Truth is always with other journalists except Arnab. Go & watch his videos you will realise that he is a Big Lier, Licking Puppy of Modi & a Big barking Piggery Dog Donkey in electronic Media.

  53. so called professional sings the songs of nowadays govt. the person who have managed preplanned interview with PM. deshape the journalist fraternity of India,

    so got the image of handle less spoon.

  54. BD i was a fan of you and NDTV really. I was supporting AK and AAP too. But when I got to know you guys are something different than what you look like, I am becoming fan of AG and TN. Wah Hafeez chacha also praising your work. Which work you have done I dont know. But I have read logic in math. IF A=B AND B=C, THEN DEFINITELY A=C. Hope you better understand what I mean?

  55. If Arnab is sick, mental, chsmcha etc as being accused by Barkha or some of her admirer, it is like devils quoting ….. Barkha and her NDTV gang are all anti nationals and they should peep into their own back yard and conduct soul searching. In fact real unbiased journalism died long ago in India and now only sensationalism and war for TRP ratings have destroyed the credibility of the media which has become a mafia now.

  56. This BOSS of Times now is TURD to Journalism.

    Shame to have watched this TURD without knowing his vulgar intentions of dividing the nation by means of instigating riots.
    If due to his barking some riots took place he would have another news to dwell with another 2 months, and in this course if they lost their near and dear then those supported would really know what this sick person was doing all the way. Those support Arnab, please verify his news then you will come to know what a big liar he is. He is the only journalist having license from the BJP for lying in front a billion people.

  57. But Burkha isn’t it true that u and ur channel always tend to be neutrals when it comes to Pakistan, just because ur channel is not banned in Pakistan, so what’s wrong in Arnab though he is over ambitious when it comes to journalism

  58. Mr Arnab Goswami made the TV channel report as mouth piece of present ruling establishment making it redundant much against the other channels which at least murmur !

  59. I liked Barkha Datt a lot. She has got class; she is intelligent. But then slowly it sunk in that she is–compulsively anti BJP and anti Hindu. I cannot respect her any more as a journalist.

    • You appear to be someone masquerading as ‘Joseph’…..there’s nothing anti-BJP or anti-Hindu,
      but to earn the likes of your respect she has to be of only pro-Hindutva upper caste leanings and anti-80% rest of Indians…..what a blatant hypocrisy!

  60. every one wants an agenda to stick onto…arnab goswami sometimes lets his patriotism ruin the entire issue of newshour debate, and as a result he can sometimes be seen as a torchbearer by people with nationalist feelings but have aligned themselves with ideology of a case of barkha dutt, she tries to show that she has balanced nationalist feelings, but unfortunately she always has wrong reasons and people to quote and wrong issues to raise…thus none of them end up showing themselves neutral, hence people are divided in opinion among them…
    i find sumit awasthi a better anchor, because he too has been in the business for years and in his debate he always tries to strike a balance between right and wrong, seldom do i find his views drawn towards a particular group…i guess both arnab and barkha should try their hand at this type of anchoring….maybe i won’t find too much issues between people of 2 religions here in comment section in future….

  61. Arnab is studio journalist like Rajdeep. They sit is studio and get soundbites and that is it. Thus for such journalism you have to be provocative and take side. With age catching up with NDTV crew and Barkha it seems she is also taking the same route. Recently I had see Rajdeep’s interview with Taslima Nasreen and Arnab’s show with Irfan Khan and both were nice and progressive shows

  62. All journalist have biases but at the end of the day you still have to cover both sides. Barkha Datt’s problem is one that former congress supporters face, they are seeing that BJP is covering ground but are helpless. Hence increased scrutiny and chest beating. At the same time it seems that less and less people are supporting one way compromises of the past.

    How about Barkha going and covering stone pelters on couple of fridays, people who burnt Wani’s uncle house and asking them for solution and looking at the reason of radicalisation of Kashmiri youth

  63. a journalist first work to save nation. for that if they have to play a major role. that is the perfect journalist for nation. and i think as a Indian it is our first work to save the nation. not handover our place to other country for calling others ” a real journalist”. i agree with him. if others country’s journalists can do that then he can also do that. that is not time of to show ” the perfect journalist” rather the time is to show ” i am a real Indian journalist”. who trying to save the country to gift to neighbour country from some anti national people. (y)

  64. burka dutt teaching fiar journalism to Arnab ??? LoL that is so hilarious. First she should learn how to be unbiased. Expect congress chamchas and sickulars nation knows how she was trying to make kanahya kumar a hero and burhna wani a martyr

  65. Arnab is an eloquent speaker and has responsibility
    to conduct the news debate in an orderly manner.He does not bark but monitors. Those spitting venom on Arnab should educate themselves on What is monitoring the statements(moderating it) instead of throwing brick bats

  66. If media does not learn anything from america, we are going to have trump.

    Stop supporting congress which looted india for decades. I give some time for bjp to show their capabilities.

    Anyway we need to find better oposition as nehuru said good democracy needs strong opposition.

    As an indian like other indians, we do not like media who blames soliders and praises anti india nationals.

  67. Watch out…Arnab is coming…he will give u run for your money you pseudo liberals…and let me remind you… rajdeep,barkha are nowhere to be seen when it come in terms of viewership..viewership is defined as to whom common man love to see everyday at 9PM. Thats what only matters… Dont fool a commoner…we are much more informed and wiser than u pseudp psychos…#republic

  68. I think Arnab is simply not fit for the job. Having political leanings is OK. Being left or right is OK. But simply shouting down other’s opinions ,expecting the panelists to echo his own views and if they don’t do it intimidating them and calling them names is NOT OK. It is not what a Journo is meant to do.

  69. Everything is relative. Barkha and Rajdeep and Raveesh Kumar are blatantly anti Hindu and anti national. They created Arnab’s new incarnation. I used to be sympathetic towards the lefty liberals and give the pseudo intellectuals the benefit of doubt. But I don’t anymore. Common sense, integrity and moral values have deserted the lefties. They need a reality check. As they try their hardest to turn reality on its head and shove their brand of pseudo secularism down people’s throats, moderates such as I have seen through their game of social engineering. I am not a big fan of Arnab’s screaming but he’s the devil I trust than the snakes with forked tongues.

  70. Even this is not fitting here “Ulta chor kautwal to daante”.
    The line fitting is “ulta kutti Koutwal pe bhonke”

  71. Funny coming from Barkha who was lobbying for minister allocation in last UPA govt, who whitewashed KP genocide, was a benefitor of 2G scam. She is the most shameless and corrupt journalist who will do worst of crimes if you throw some money on her face. She has no moral authority to speak on any journalist. Go pick up the money your masters throw at you, Arnab goswami is above your paygrade.

  72. High Barkha, I feel ashamed of being Human being because of you. You have brought big shame to Hinduism.

  73. Who gives Barkha the right to say anything on anyone? She can jollywel say she is an Indian citizen and has a right of freedom of speech under the constitution and so arnab also has the same right to express his views.So Barkha should not be ashamed of arnab being a journalist.that is his calling in life


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