Kejriwal spent Rs. 20 lakh per minute of taxpayers’ money for Laxmi Puja event, Rs 6 crore splashed for 30-minute event, RTI reply reveals


In a shocking revelation, an RTI reply has sensationally revealed that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal spent a whopping Rs 6 crore to organise his Laxmi Puja event in November this year. This effectively means that the AAP leader splashed Rs 20 lakh of taxpayers money for every single minute during the 30-minute event. The RTI reply by the Delhi Tourism and Transporation Corporation Limited also said that the Laxmi Puja was the official event of the Delhi government.

Sharing the copy of the RTI reply, activist Saket Gokhale wrote, “Breaking: Delhi AAP Govt. spent 6 crores (approx $0.8 million) of taxpayer money for the Laxmi Puja event & its live telecast done by @ArvindKejriwal on 14 November, 2020. This whopping cost of 6 crores public money was for a 30-minute puja. Thats 20 lakh rupees per minute.”

In his subsequent tweet, Gokhale wrote, “Most important: The AAP Govt in Delhi had public money to spend on this while victims of the Delhi Pogrom await compensation. Do the math & imagine how many families in North East Delhi could’ve had their lives back with this 6 crores spent on a religious ceremony.”

In November, Kejriwal had faced condemnation for his desperate attempts to woo pro-Hindutva voters by splashing crores of taxpayers’ money on organising a puja for the welfare of Delhi. He was joined by his cabinet colleagues and their wives.

This had effectively signalled his departure from an erstwhile secular leader. Kejriwal, whose elevation to the post of chief minister of Delhi was possible due to an overwhelming support from the Muslim community, has been accused of pursuing the pro-Hindutva ideology in a bid to copy PM Modi in the recent past.

The AAP leader remained a mute spectator during the February pogrom, which resulted in the killings of 53 people, mostly Muslims. He also refused to extend his support to Muslims, who were protesting against the CAA and NRC in Shaheen Bagh.


  1. Why not the man didn’t raise similar question under RTI of other CMs and politicians who attend marriage functions and outgoings to know the public money spent?


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