One Mewat rapist told victim she was being raped for eating beef


One of the Mewat gangrape victims has made a sensational disclosure that how a rapist had told her that she was being punished for eating beef.

“They asked if we eat beef. We said we don’t, but they insisted we do and that was why we were being punished,” the victim, who made this statement in presence of activist Shabnam Hashmi in Delhi, was quoted by NDTV.

The police, whose role has been questionable in handling this gruesome case, deny either victims ever talking about these allegations.


The police, as reported by Times of India, had arrested four accused, who were identified as Sandeep, Amarjeet Singh, Karamjeet Singh and Rahul Verma. All accused hail from village Mohammedpur Ahir in Gurgaon district.

Initially, the cops were reluctant to charge them with murder and had only booked them for rape and robbery. It was only after the locals protested that the police added the murder charge.

The 20-year-old woman and her 14-year-old cousin were sexually assaulted by several men in their home in Mewat on the August 24. Their uncle and aunt were tied up and then beaten to death.

Photo: NDTV
Photo: NDTV

Meanwhile, senior cops have continued to deny any link to cow vigilante groups to the double murder and gangrape of two Muslim girls. The state is being governed by the Hindu nationalist party, the BJP.

However, social media has been replete with Facebook profiles of the rapists flaunting their RSS association.

As highlighted by the owner of Sumbramanian Swamy’s parody Facebook account, one of the accused, Rahul, has ‘volunteering for RSS’ on his profile page.

This has prompted many to conclude that the culprits will never be brought to task because of their alleged RSS links.

Here are some of the comments:

Rohitbir Sandhu: Seems like the state haryana and rape happened not two different word now. Ek Maa ki izzat bachane ke liye dusri Maa ki izzat lut li. Wah re rakshak?

Ubed Ullah Khan Lohani: When a single crime from muslim community is committed.. it is shared among the media like a Catastrophe..but when these bastards are committing crimes.. no one is even talking about it… this is what baised media…. and more over.. Our Mongrel PM is also silent now.. Another piece of mute robot who only knows how to say “Barat mata ki Jay”… Merely Bastards

Terence Francis: Sorry theese cases will have to wait as the Haryana Govt has given the police a more important job to do…check if beef is used to make Biryani.

Lakshya Singh: This is the first and of course last time, BJP is ruling in Haryana. People chose this government to bring change. Is this the change people of Haryana expecting from a new government? Certainly not. Haryana faced its first riot in BJP regime. Law and order failing on every front. This government messed it up big time. People of Haryana will make sure to kick BJP out for once and all.

Sam Raman: A NATION..that allows brutal murder of its innocent Citizens (Hindu, Muslim, Dalit or anyone) does NOT deserve any RESPECT and is an Oligarchy (allowing thugs to break the LAWS) due to WEAK leadership. It is a SHAME even the Judiciary, Police and even the ARMY had become the UGLY tools for this ABUSE..!!



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