Sandeep Kumar’s posters put up across Goa, AAP calls it BJP’s frustration


Faced with a potential challenge in the next year’s elections, the Goa BJP has now allegedly decided to latch on to the sex CD controversy involving the sacked AAP minister, Sandeep Kumar.

Several posters bearing the photo of Kumar being kissed by a woman, whose faced has been blurred, have come up in and around the state capital Panaji.

Aam Aadmi Party in Goa appears convinced that there’s a BJP hand behind these posters.

Sandeep Kumar

A local party worker, Valmiki Naik, posted these photos on Facebook with the following comments, “BJP has started hanging its frustration and immaturity up on banners across Goa. First they ran away from their own debate challenge to AAP. Now they are resorting to such cheap tactics of putting up fake banners in the name of AAP. Goa is watching.”

One of the photos appear right in the heart of a market in Panaji (above).

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar was sacked last week by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal after an objectionable CD involving the former AAP minister and two women emerged.

The party had later suspended him from the primary membership. One of the women in the CD had later approached Sultanpuri police station to file charges of rape against him. Faced with an immediate arrest, Kumar had later surrendered before the police leading to his arrest.

AAP has announced its intention to contest next year’s assembly elections in Goa, which is currently governed by the BJP. Kejriwal has claimed that his party will oust the saffron party next year from the power.

AAP supporters have likened the emergence of these posters to the BJP’s ‘frustration’ in the absence of any substantial agenda against Kejriwal.


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