Sambit Patra ‘regrets’ asking Rahul Gandhi to be beaten up with shoes as demand grows for BJP to sack him


BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra has reportedly expressed regrets for his statement asking people to thrash Congress President Rahul Gandhi with shoes.

Sambit Patra

Patra, known for his controversial statements against his party’s political rivals, was taking part in a debate on the controversy surrounding the surgical strikes on Aaj Tak channel, where he said, “Joote Maaro Rahul ko, Joote Maaro Rahul Ko. (Beat up Rahul Gandhi with shoes).”

Patra’s insulting comments and call for violence against the leader of India’s principal opposition party had angered the Congress spokesperson Rajeev Tyagi, who decided to stage an impromptu protest inside the Aaj Tak studio. Tyagi demanded an apology from Patra, who refused to show any sign of remorse for his distasteful statement. Instead, he responded, “Rahul Gandhi must apologise.”

However, on Saturday, Aaj Tak quoted the BJP spokesperson as saying, “I wanted to say that traitors must be thrashed with shoes. But, I ended up saying accidentally that Rahul Gandhi should be beaten up with shoes. I regret uttering some bad words for the Congress president. Although, the Congress should also not have called PM Modi (Mughal emperor) Aurangzeb.”

Patra’s comments came amidst a loud call for his ouster from the BJP as journalists and commentators took to social media to express their ouster. Many argued that the saffron party ought to have emulated its rival Congress after the latter suspended its senior leader, Mani Shankar Aiyar, last year for hisneech (lowly) remarks targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Former Gujarat IPS Officer Sanjiv Bhatt wrote, “RAHUL GANDHI KO JOOTEY MARO” ~ Sambit Patra of BJP, on Live TV The fear is turning to psychotic paranoia.” Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani wrote, “It was expected from Congress party to take action against Manishankar Aiyar when he used the improper language. And they did. Why no one is expecting or asking for Sambit Patra’s expulsion from BJP? What does it say about the ‘Sanskar’ of this party?” Another journalist, Kunal Purohit, tweeted, “That people like Sambit Patra and the Uttarakhand CM behave the way they do shows how the BJP bringing the discourse down to the gutter has full support of the two men running the party.”

What was even more worrying that the audience taking part in the Aaj Rak debate cheered as Patra called for Rahul Gandhi’s public assault.

You can watch the controversial video below:


  1. Kya galat kaha,joote markar shayad uski besir per ki baat karna band ho.Gadha bhi kehte to galat nahi tha.Bevakoof kuch bhi bole,hum sirf uski bevakoofi par hastein hain,vote to Modi ji Ko hi dengein.

  2. Sambit Patra should be more careful and he should not slip his tongue and maintain his dignity and the dignity of the party he represents.

  3. no wrong what Dr Patra said on Rahul. Rahul deserves this. Y Rahul didn’t ask Mani Sankar Aayer who abused Modiji to aplogise ? Y rahul did not ask Sanjay Nirupam to aplogise to Modi ji ?) Poltics congress has taken up to different type of campaign. Cong only stooped to low level. I see nothing wrong what Patra said. I stand by Patra

    • Why can’t the ruiling party take action against the persons who abuse their leader, the PM.
      Why did the ruiling party not ask for apology from Aayer and Nirupam?
      Why was no case of defamation initiated against them as was done in case of AAP leaders?

  4. Sambit Patra must be sidelined or rather boycotted by the whole media. His silly arguement is like a revengeful woman. No channel worth a pinch of salt should invite him for any debate. Who knows RaGa may occupy the chair of India’s next PM and if he proves to be as revengeful as Modi who controls all channels, then any channel siding Patra will pay a very high price for patronizing him.

    • Patra should be sidelined for saying throw shoes at him, right!!
      What about every FAKE FALSE comment by Pappu on BJP & Modiji, our respected PM?

      Each was a fake & false attack, in which the church finds nothing wrong.

      Rahul should be crucified.

    • I am ashamed of the dynasty that has killed thousands of Indians, especially Hindus, for the sake “kursi”. Power hungry murderous Italian Notorious Con-gress.
      A few words are nothing.

  5. Well done .
    You are the true sanghi.
    Keep it up .
    You will soon be rewarded .
    You only know , how to get directorship, now truing for promotion is good effort .
    May be CM or sangh chief . Now Qwalified.

    • How come you became a CA. CA are supposed to be articulative intelligent and analytical. Your comments prove that you are biased rather than analytical.

  6. Who is this, not some but, every-bit-a-shoe clown. He can throw shoes as he has his foot in his mouth

  7. This Bastard Patra’s apology will only be accepted when he drinks water dipped with Rahul’s shoes in Public or in the Studios of AAJTAK live on National Telecast, having Anjana Om Kashyap (Modi) as anchor.
    What he thinks about himself he is a street Doctor who ran away from his profession after killing a woman.
    RAHUL is not vengeful, but we are, Patra, if he apologize should do at his earliest, after 2019, he.won’t get such time.

  8. Those who are with Patra for statement must first ask him why he is regretful now and then do what he asked them to do.

  9. Anjana om kashyap is listening silently of offensive comments.Indiscipline at its peak,and anchor a biased one .Boycotting aajtak

  10. This is a commonly used in terminology in Hindi language to show/ express disgust for a person. In this particular case the person literally deserves it.

    BTW your literal translation does not put across the real meaning of the expression. So you too deserve the same words but NOT translated into English.


  12. Every one knows what kind of channel”aaj thak”is and what kind of opposition trolls are invited to humble the opposition especially congress. I am surprised why opposition participate in debates conducted by bhakth channels like Aaj thak, Republic, Times.As for Sambit Patra has become a psycho and a fit case for psychiatric treatment.Don’t expect any action from this funny”sanskari”party.

  13. संबित पात्रा की राहुल गांधी के प्रति टिप्पणी आपत्तिजनक एवं घोर निंदनीय है । इन्हें नहीं भूलना चाहिए कि शुक्ल पक्ष के बाद कृष्ण पक्ष ही आता है । अगर मैं डिबेट में होता तो संबित को कई जूते ठोक देता । ऐसे पतित व्यकि के लिए यही रामबाण दवा है । शास्त्रों भी शठे साठयम समाचरेत को उचित ठहराया गया है ।

  14. Patra is right. Rahul and his party leaders have repeatedly made very insulting statements against Modi hi many times. Petra should not apologise. Media is as usual taking political sides. #Support Patra.


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