Post Kairana defeat, Sambit Patra on Live TV reveals BJP’s dangerous plan for 2019 Lok Sabha polls and it’s no Freudian slip


BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Friday stunningly claimed that his party candidate’s defeat in Kairana bypolls was the defeat of Hindus and victory of Muslims. While taking part in a live TV debate on News24, Patra told the show’s anchor, Manak Gupta, “If one religious group (Muslims) decides to polarise, then other group (Hindus) too will polarise. This shouldn’t happen but if one group has voted en masse for a particular candidate, then please mark my words, this will have its effect across India.”

Sambit Patra

The show’s anchor sought to correct him stating that Muslims constituted only 32% of Kairana’s vote share, while 68% population were still Hindus, Patra blurted out his party’s dangerous plan for 2019. He said, “When this will reverberate across India, then everyone will pause and reflect. When word will spread that 32% Muslims could unite, but where were Hindus? Islam won but why did Hindus lose, then everyone including Manak Gupta and Sambit Patra will be forced to think.”

His comments coincided with a dangerous social media campaign by BJP supporters, who falsely blamed the newly elected RLD MP, Tabassum Hasan, for saying that Kairana results were the victory of ‘Allah’ and ‘defeat of Ram.’ A shocked Hasan had told Janta Ka Reporter that she never made those comments and was contemplating filing a criminal case against the members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini for spreading the dangerous propaganda.

Sambit Patra is often termed as BJP’s loose canon while taking part in TV debates or flying the flag for his party in conclaves organised by TV channels. But, his stocks within the saffron party have skyrocketed in the recent months, particularly after he was made an independent director in the government-owned ONGC.

Another theory about Patra’s perceived loose talk in TV debates is that he says things that the higher echelon in his party would not publicly utter for the fear of reprisals. In other words, Patra’s seemingly bizarre utterances, according to many politics watchers in India, are prompted by a shrewd political design, to extract the much-needed electoral advantage.


Just before the last year’s Gujarat assembly elections, Patra was taking part in a conclave, organised by ABP news channel. For every criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his failure to deliver the election promises, Patra would pretend to get animated and utter repeatedly, ‘Sun raha hai na Gujarat? They (Congress) are making fun of Modi because he’s a Gujarati.” This was a clever move given that, for the first time, the saffron party had started to develop cold feet in its own bastion, a state that the BJP had first sown its Hindutva seeds so successfully. It was a dangerous but effective move to make it Gujarati Vs non-Gujarati by selling Modi’s credential as the son-of-the-soil to woo voters in order to ward off any potential threats to BJP’s survival in the western coastal state of India.

Post Kairana’s defeat, Patra’s party is facing an existential crisis not just in Gujarat but across India with a united opposition appearing determined to shatter Modi’s dreams for a second term in the prime minister’s office. The RLD’s decision to field a Muslim candidate in a predominantly Jat constituency and ensure her decisive win over the BJP candidate in Kairana also demolished a communally divisive plan that has always suited the BJP in the past. BJP had ridden piggyback on the growing anti-Muslim sentiments in Kairana in 2014 Lok Sabha polls after a bloody religious strife in the neighbouring Muzaffarnagar in August 2013. Then, a small fight had metamorphosed into full-blown communal violence killing more than 60 people in the Jat-dominated Muzaffarnagar.

Although Modi spoke about development in all his public rallies while leading the BJP’s campaign to wrest power from Manmohan Singh in 2014, that mask has been taken off long ago. Faced with a huge anti-incumbency, series of electoral setbacks in bypolls and unprecedented unity among the opposition parties have seemingly prompted the BJP to return to its age-old agenda of Hindutva and religious polarisation more explicitly.

Modi gave the first hint towards religious polarisation during the UP assembly elections when he spoke about Qabristan and Shamsan (burial and cremation grounds for Muslims and Hindus). Modi and BJP President Amit Shah’s choice of Yogi Adityanath, a known face of militant Hindutva, to quit as an MP and become UP’s chief minister was another step in that direction. Post BJP’s stunning defeats in Gorakhpur, Adityanath’s home constituency, Phulpur and now Kairana, the party appears to have decided its electoral agenda for 2019 elections. Whether it will be help Modi reap dividends is anybody’s guess.

When Patra and his party intend to polarise Hindu votes, they surely don’t have plans to do so using emotional appeal. That doesn’t work anymore and we saw that in Gorakhpur, Phulpur and Kairana. In the absence of using words, one could only expect something sinister from these so-called Hindutva warriors. Let’s not forget that it took 2002 pogroms for Modi to cement his position as chief minister indefinitely before staking his claim for India’s prime minister.


  1. What is dangerous in this. This is obvious if one community is polarized then other party left with no option. Hindus must unite and vote as a one unit. Bravo Patra!! Go ahead we are with you!!

  2. Dangerous game has already started and it will be against all minorities, Shillong is just a recent example

  3. It’s very biased report.Its not janta ka reporter.Its Anti modi,Anti Hindu reporter.Dont do Day dreaming of 2019.what sambit said is right,90% of particular community is voting for only one party across india.why don’t you think that is dangerous.

  4. The likes of Mr patras Will sink the ship of BJP along with their ideology , for sure.The democracy of Indian sovergein is at stake and the selfish modus operandi of these very selfish gentle men will strive the disastrous out come in near future. We, the general public of Indian democracy , have to take a call to bury the ideology.

    • Where were you when mullahs openly call Muslims to vote against BJP? The recent Christian archbishops call to vote against BJP? All corrupt leaders join together to defeat one party that cares for Hindus, is Democracy from your point of view? Please wake up.

    • Common people should be very careful. This is not a S Patra slip. May be he deliberately took the step to instill fear, like “be prepared for another Pogrom like 2002”. For them it is a political war and “everything is fair in love and war”. They can do anything to polarise votes.
      We should not be foolish enough to end up playing into their game plan. Don’t allow them to destroy India’s great ethnicity. Loving own religion doesn’t mean hating others religion. Minorities are our beloved brothers from time immemorial. Let us perpetuate the true meaning of Greatest bond.

  5. ‘Yogi adityanad a known face of militant outfit’? You idiot how can certify a yogi as militant then can muslim cleric is also a militant. Change your mindset. Secularism doesn’t mean the head or governing person should not practise any religion. It mean all pepole should be treated equal. Open your eyes. Stop making your stupid assumptions as the true nature. Understand that Hinduism is the only religion accepted other religions are also true and they also lead to god. The fight of PM Narendra modi and BJP is safegaurding the country and people from the so called liberals, pseudo seculars and prestitutes. Stop writing these nonsense articles. Unnecessarily don’t create janice in people mindset and polarise people. If real intention of modi and BJP is to create violence and kill muslims then Hindus only remove him from power. This country is not Germany this is India and people become so.much educated how to respect and accept other religions.

  6. Mr Sambit Patra, don’t do nautanki again and again. Ek bar toh saach bol. Tere bare main sabko patta hai. Please tum sudhar jao aur achha admi ban jao. Isme desh ki bhallai hai.

  7. What the hell are you JKR ,kis janta ka report hai ye, wo polarise kare on the basis of caste ,religion then it’s okay and when a gang of corrupt people joined hands then it’s okay but when BJP does something like that, they are cheap ,communalist.

  8. Sad it is coming to this. The BJP is trying for Sabka sath sabke sath which includes all communities. And yet the leaders of a community and the opportunistic opposition whip up divisive sentiments for their narrow ends and the nation can go to hell ? That cannit be allowed.
    P.S. And the tone of your reporter clearly shows his affiliations. And u call yourself JANTA ka reporter ? Afraid not. Anti BJP ka reporter is more like it.

  9. Just read a tweet UP Waqf board which has gone viral,where in it congratulated the Muslim community for voting against BJP & has promised to see such polarisation continues & every Hindu kafir will be taught a lesson.With such situation around no body can stop polarisation of community votes during LS election in 2019.Sambit Patra is not incorrect in voicing this genuine concern

    • Don’t forget social media is completely dominated by BJP with many prestitute channels like Republic, times supporting Modi’s diabolical plans opposition role in this divisive plan as suggested by you sounds sinister.

    • That was a fake post made viral by BJP IT cell. It seems that was fabricated by BJP IT cell because there isnt any page with the said name UP Waqf Board.

    • Can you share the link to the quote from UP Waqf Board…..I know a few psuedo-liberal sickulars I want to show that to

  10. One of the Shakunis in Indian politics.Instead of gracefully accepting defeat or doing self introspection they threw another stone on the wall of fraternity.

    • Shakuni are existing all across India. Why pick on one sambit Patra ? Just because fake media JKR & soldout Hindu hater journos Rifat Jawaid have ganged up against BJP ?
      Know your news before blindly following faker channels – JKR.

  11. It is not Sambit Patra, it is people like you Rifat Jawaid who are showing their true colours now. You will be surely ashamed after 2019, that is certain now.

  12. Sambit Patraji,
    People know how you are playing in front of the people of India. We muslim want all communities to have at least proportionate seats in every field. India is not only for Hindus.

  13. If Mosque and Church openly ask its followers to defeat Modi then is evident that temple will b used for asking vote for BJP. No one is to b blamed. Article is biased.

  14. Fools like you are easy fodder for the kinds of BJP, until people like you are available, they will continue to polarize and when they fail, spread poison. Their hearts are full of hatred, today dalits and minorities, wait until they come behind you….

  15. If you want to hold a fair election why do the opposition run to. Mullahs for a fatwa to defeat modi? You Janta reporter will never speak about that. Muslins have cast the first stone and now Hindus will take it to its logical conclusion Sambit Patra or no Sambit Patra. RLD goons must remember the massacre of Jats at Chaumuha by Ahmad Shah Abdali and looting and plunder of Mathura where thousands and thousands of Jat women were raped and killed. The elected MP called Jinnah as Jinnahji. That reveals the real story of Western Uttarpradesh where suicidal jats and SCs are colluding in creation of a Pakistani enclave in Uttarpradesh. Oneday they will repent like those of their brothers now living in Pakistan. And your Firangi reporter will not be there to do bakwas like this, that’s for sure,as these insolent snakes always slither away after biting.

  16. Don’t forget social media is completely dominated by BJP with many prestitute channels like Republic, times supporting Modi’s diabolical plans opposition role in this divisive plan as suggested by you sounds sinister.

  17. Biased reporting against one community, while other so called minority is doing religion politics.
    Looks like paid reporting.
    Most of your article against 1 community and 1 religion

  18. Regardless of castism voters have to think and decide whom they should vote in LS election 2019. What has BJP done for general public. What common people gain in last 4 years of BJP tenure. All promises have been turned out false.

  19. Congress is run by Rahul Khan, what else is expected? Polarization politics is what he learnt when he was inside Sonia. Modi has worked on development issues and not just Hindus but also Muslims like me will support Modi.. Modi brought electricity to my village. Modi has helped my neighbours get direct benefits from welfare schemes by directly depositing money in their accounts. Modi helped farmers in my village. Rahul Khan visited once, got photos clicked and returned without completing the trip of while village. Jantakareporter eka Pappu se paisa khaya hua reporter will get a heartbreak after 2019 elections.

  20. In this article writer had written during Gujrat assembly election bjp cleverly spread message Gujarat VS Non-Gujrati. But same thing happen during many state assembly elections like Bihar when Nitish Kumar always told that Bihar ko bihari chalaega ya bahari? In UP where slogan was UP ke Mr Janta ka reporter you are not Janta ka reporter, you are personal thought ka reporter.

  21. You have to be foolish to believe what you commented – SM dominated by bjp.!! INC runs the show there with huge amounts of money power.
    If you have read the article you will know it’s full of loopholes, spin doctored half truths, which lobby more convey facts – none.

  22. Why when Muslim said openly in karnataka and they held meeting with group funded by xyz ..then what wrong gambit has said..first teach those who are use religion ….

  23. This article written by a anti Hindu because calling Yogi Adityanath a militant shows his intention and what is wrong about taking side of Hindu when someone only speaks about Muslims he is not criticized as Muslim militant and even we say terrorism has no religion whereas 99.99% cases are of Muslims or in the name of Muslims but if you are vocal about Hindu you are militant what a logic.

  24. Whom is this Hindutva zealot fooling? The RSS/BJP have been doing it always. Kairana shows that this gang did not succeed.

  25. Islamist Communist Con-gress Nexus propaganda against BJP.

    If there is consolidation of minority, there will be consolidation of majority too.

  26. These sanghi bigots seems determined to destroy the democratic republican structure of India to reinstall feudalistic Manuvaad in our country, but India is not going to allow it..their notorious game plan of riot politics has been exposed and even the majority section of progressive Hindus does nor subscribe to it…they will simply be thrown in to dust bin of history if they misadventure to burn India prior to 2019 election …

  27. What more can be expected from a biased ‘Rifat Jawaid ‘ report ?
    He did not even condemn or deny the enmasse voting by minorities in Kairana but directed all his efforts to give a negative tint to Sambhit patra point so that the sinister design of opposition to win 2019 by fooling public and invoking ‘Divide and Rule ‘ and relying tottaly on vote bank politics is taken forward.


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