“They will shut down your channel”: Salman Khan hits back at Arnab Goswami; tells Bigg Boss contestants, ‘Whatever I had to say, I’ve said it indirectly’


Salman Khan has taken a brutal potshot at Arnab Goswami by warning that his continuous shouting will lead to the closure of his TV channel. In an indirect dig at Goswami during a conversation with Bigg Boss contestants over the weekend, Salman said that one mustn’t stoop to any low to grab TRP or Television Rating Points. This came just days after Kiku Sharda and Krushna Abhishek used Salman Khan-produced The Kapil Sharma Show to mock Goswami.

Addressing this year’s Bigg Boss contestants, Salman said, “Ham Sab ko TRP chahiye. But, us keliye, you will have to play the right game. Ye nahi ki TRP aap kuch bhi karke le ke aayein. Wo aap khelo, sachcha game khelo. Be honest to yourself….. Bahut achcha ja rahe ho tum log. I have never seen the response you are getting. To make it bigger and better, be honest and real. Not by ki yaar yeh bakwas kar raha hai, jhoot bol raha hai, chilla raha hai. Khwah Makhwah! Point hi nahi hai. Woh aapke channel ko bandh kar denge (We all need TRP. But, for that, you will play the right game. Not that you will resort to anything to get the TRP. Play honestly, play the right game. Be it Bigg Boss or any other show, you have to play the right game. You can’t do anything for TRP. I have never seen the response you are getting. Be honest and real to win big. Not by speaking nonsense, lie and shouting unnecessarily. This is pointless. They will shut down your channel.)”

Salman did not stop here. He made one more dig seemingly targeting Goswami as he said, “Jo mujhe kahna tha, indirectly maine kah diya. (Whatever I had to say, I’ve said it indirectly.)”

Goswami has continuously targeted Salman by yelling at him from the studio of his TV channel. He’s been attacking Salman for his silence on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Last week, Kiku Sharda and Krushna Abhishek had mimicked Goswami by recreating the Republic TV founder’s mujhe drug do rant. Kiku had converted the line to mujhe jug do, while Krushna had disguised himself as one of the controversial colleagues of Goswami.

On Monday, as many as 38 prominent productions houses owned by Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Karan Johar and Ajay Devgn among others mounted an unprecedented legal battle in the Delhi High Court against Goswami, his TV channel, Times Now and its editors namely Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar for defaming Bollywood.



  1. The country is not run by salman Khan or fake money hungry media like you whose Page doesn’t allow to comment because ads won’t let me see the window. But if salmaan has courage to speak directly to Arnab Goswami than WHOSE the real tiger will all come to know. Speaking in shows hosted by him or his paid comedians making his Fun isn’t going to stop Arnab Goswami. People are with republic

  2. U r rit, may be this action by all production houses created by bollywood mafia at gun point ,god knows they all are money maker by spoiling our youth….

  3. Arnab looks and acts like a drug addict always high on dope 👨 . Only people like you who have no thinking power love Republic TV 😂

    • You are supporting ashleel bollywood very bad shame on you drugs toh bollywood wale lete hai Arnab Goswami nahi bolte waqt sense toh use karo apni.

    • Khuda ka Khauf kare Khuda ka Khauf kese baate kar rahe ho tum Bollywood me ashleel log bhare padhe hai hum sabko milkar bollywood ka boycott kar dena chahiye ye log hi drugs karte hai aur movies me drugs ko promote bhi karte hai tumhe dusro ko sense ka lecture dene se pehle apna sense use karna chahiye.

  4. Sadly we allowed a criminal road chap like Salman to be our hero and saw the consequences. Salman brought along other criminals into Bollywood and turned the industry info Cartel. Grand father aged Salman thinks its over and he has won.. Its going to be a long battle old man and India has united to clear up bollywood..We had forgiven u thinking ur a good man, but u show what ur. Time is too powerful old Salman & we are waiting to see u fall !!

  5. This topic about Saman shouting at Arnab us being reoeated everyday from Sunday..
    He doesn’t hve the guts to face Arnab because he is an illiterate..can’t face Arnab.Arnab is the only Journalist who speaks the truth..brings out all the filth of bollywood ..

  6. All these 36 rogue goondas are to be spunished… R.TV is doing good job.. Request all public to avoid All bolly wood movie and teach them a lesson.. They are dancing for nonsense picture and making money.. sharam nahee aataa hai… Inlogon ko.. scoundrals

  7. The intolerance gang is feeling so “Intolerant” of a news channel and want it to close down ASAP. This has never happened in the history of India.

  8. Oh really? So you say that people from different countries and States all are druggies? And only you and your b’wood star’s are innocent. With your comment we understand who have thinking power

    • Bollywood should be boycotted Bigboss aur ese bohot saare show hai jo cheap logo se bhare padhe hai unko permanently hatta dena chahiye.

  9. Sab baaton ka hisaab Hoga janaab..udd Lene do Inn druggies ko ..bolne do Jo Bolte hai.. at the end of the day .. pt should be very clear BoycottBullywood… Let them speak indirectly…we will say directly to them … Get Lost

  10. Arnab shouted his question to this Sallu Tapori in prime time and this yellow.livered wanna bee he-man full of steroids and make believe machismo does not have the marbles or the intellectual honesty to give him a straight reply. Even if Arnab did this for TRP it is still better than paying women to wear skimpy clothes and high lighting their body parts and making them act fearful of him and shouting at participants in public and demeaning them to get TRP.
    That is more like a Roadside Pimp behaviour rather than a genuine entertainer. But for Jihadi Jackasses with a Taqqiya Depression and Overseas masters and overseas audience to please think Big Boss is the heights of Creativity.
    They will not recognize Truth even if it collides with them at a 100kmph.

  11. NAVIKA KUMAR – BIHARI devoted 69 % of TIMES NOW for MEDIA TRIAL of Rhea , projecting Drug Addict, Failure in Academics a College Dropout Sushant Singh Rajput BIHARI who wasted his life in Drugs, Cigarettes, Liquor, Loafing with females is being Projected as a Role Model in Bihar Elections…..is setting wrong precedents to youth of Bihar….. ..65% of total debates conducted by Arnab Goswami REPUBLIC TV and 69% of debates by Navika Kumar TIMES NOW were on Sushant Singh Rajput case: Supreme Court was informed on …13 Oct 2020…..
    Not only an overwhelming and inordinate amount of time is devoted to a single topic, the manner, tone, tenor and content of the ‘News Coverage’ and ‘TV Debate’ was highly toxic, polarised and filled with innuendos, salacious gossips, wild allegations and character assassinations.”
    Application filed in Supreme Court
    The application has alleged a modus operandi employed by these TV anchors while covering the case:

    “Firstly, they deliberately create a hypothesis or a false construct/premise, for example, SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT was MURDERED and DIDN’T COMMIT SUICIDE.

    • Allow the law to do its job. Judges do not get influenced by out cry from either side in public. Truth will come out through due process of law.

  12. Republic TV is a news channel making justice to journalism…. bollywood is just an entertainment area and not dictators…justice vl prevail for non guilty…British rule tooo ended one day….

  13. Even after being involved in so many cases he n his family members get a clean chit always,now on wat basis r these statements being given,kiski back mil rahi hai???


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