Unprecedented legal action against Arnab Goswami, Republic TV, Times Now by Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Karan Johar and Ajay Devgn among others


In an unprecedented legal action against Arnab Goswami, his TV channel Republic TV, Times Now and its editors Rahul Shivshankar and Navika Kumar and Goswami’s colleague Pradeep Bhandari, some of the biggest names in Bollywood namely Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Karan Johar moved the Delhi High Court seeking to curb the irresponsible, derogatory and defamatory remarks being made against the film industry.

Among those joining hands against Goswami’s Republic TV and Times Now are 38 leading names from Bollywood including Aditya Chopra and Farhan Akhtar. They have objected to terms such as ‘dirt’, ‘filth’, ‘scum’ and ‘druggies’ being used to defame Bollywood during the coverage of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

According to the Bar and Bench website, the DSK Legal has filed the petition in the court. The plea read, “The livelihood of persons associated with Bollywood is being severely impacted by the smear campaign being run by the Defendants. This is in addition to the ongoing pandemic which has resulted in extreme revenues and work opportunity loss. The privacy of the members of Bollywood is being invaded, and their reputations are being irreparably damaged by painting the entire Bollywood as criminals, seeped in drug culture, and making being part of Bollywood as synonymous with criminal acts in the public imagination.”

A report by NDTV said that the filmmakers also demanded that the channels abide by the 1994 programme code and ‘withdraw, recall and take down all the defamatory content published by them against Bollywood.’ They alleged that the same channels and individuals were ‘openly flouting’ the Programme Code framed under Section 5 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 contained in Rule 6 of the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994.

Bhandari, in particular, has been summoned by the Mumbai Police in connection with his coverage on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Among those moving the Delhi High Court against Goswami, his TV channel and colleague and Times Now and its editors also include Producers Guild of India, the Cine and TV Artiste Association, Ad-Labs Films, Ajay Devgn Ffilms, Anil Kapoor Film and Communication Network, Arbaaz Khan Productions, Ashutosh Gowarikaer Productions, Excel Entertainment, Kabir Khan Films, Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures, Reliance Big Entertainment, Rohit Shetty Pictures, Roy Kapur Productions, Vinod Chopra Films and Vishal Bhardwaj Films.

The Bollywood producers have made it clear that they did not want ban on the coverage on Sushant’s death but sought permanent injunctions on Goswami, his TV channel and colleague and Times Now, Shivshankar and Kumar ‘from carrying on reportage and publication of material that violates applicable laws.’


  1. Andwa Gu swami should be hung by his balls for pimping so much that with his grown hair, gives him the look like a Eunuch, even they look better than him,, its a shame oh his ethics of journalism which is of bad taste,,, we look for the day Republic shuts down or is ruined

  2. Thumps up to The Arnab sir. This above mentioned Bollywood actor and actress should be penalised more than this. Not only this bad defamation and reputation, they deserve more than this.

  3. Legal action is fine,there is something called murderer & acomplises to murder.
    People knowingly didn’t do anything against regarding drugs and deaths in the industry can’t complaint against agitation started by channels in the absence of police investigation & political will.

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  5. All Bollywood mafia joined together first it was only salman, karan now all others joined .you’ll have made enough fool of common people .now are eyes are opened ..all druggies…Shane on you’ll so much came out still.dont know about others but with me atleast few will be there who is boycotting Bollywood. We made you’ll stars now you all will become common people no more stars because we are going to put you all down
    Youll killed our sushant..criminals


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