Siddharth Shukla finally opens up about past with Rashami Desai, makes sensational revelations


Siddharth Shukla has finally opened up about his past with Rashami Desai informing housemates that both of them enjoyed a cordial relationship while acting together in a TV series. Contrary to prevalent speculations, Siddharth salso aid that he never had any fights with Rashami.

Siddharth Shukla

Addressing Paras Chhabra and Shefali Jariwala, Siddharth said, “You guys are outsiders. What do you think would have happened (between Rashami and I)?” Paras said that he was aware of everything. To which Siddharth said, “You don’t know (anything).”

It was here that Siddharth decided to open up about his past involving Rashami. He said, “Actually, we had little differences but then everything ran very smoothly till our show came to an end. Then our (relationship) was cut off. We never had fights. There were no bickerings (tu tu main main) between us.”

Shefali said that Rashami told her how Siddharth used to abuse her on the sets. Siddharth laughed at the allegations saying, “She can say anything. She has also said that I used to get her lines removed.”

Paras said that he had also told him (Siddharth) about the ‘driver issue’ after hearing from Rashami. Siddharth said that he was not bothered about that allegation and did not care to go into that. “What you said was based on hearsay. Now, do you expect me to go to everyone to issue a clarification after newspapers carried stories about us?” He asked Paras.

Siddharth said that Rashami had the habit of making extraordinary allegations against him in front of the camera to draw sympathy from the viewers.

Earlier this week, Siddharth had sensationally revealed that Rashami allegedly planted fake news about him when the two worked in Colors TV’s drama series Dil Se Dil Tak. 

Constant fights between Siddharth and Rashami inside the Bigg Boss house have prompted many to suspect that the two may have been romantically linked in the past. Siddharth had said that Rashami had stalked him till Goa before joining the Bigg Boss show.

Rashami, for her part, has alleged that Siddharth was obsessed about her and had even used Aarti Singh to reach out to her when she was ignoring his phone calls.


  1. Kya news hain yaar.. wat has opened up.. its one sided judgement.. sidharth is not the bigg boss dat watever he told is alwayss be gonna right

  2. This sukla is dirt in the house… spreading ill against Rashmi again.peole have known his infected mouth… channel and khan all are spreading vulgarity and planting devilish stuff in young minds…Shukla chhabra are of duryodhan, duhsasan lineage…they must be kicked out of the show…khan also does not seem to be a balanced person….

  3. It was first Rashmi who bring out all the past evry tme ..never ever i hv heard abt shukla telling anything abt rashmi ..after 2 in ahalf mnth he told abt rashmi ..he doesn’t hv a habit of fooling or sugar coating prople lk Rashmi does…he is strong personality..he dont need anyonr support’ …frm the house ..woh akela hi kaafi hai ..

  4. Rashmi alongside asim and shefali bagga and vishal together are looking so negative and always plotting only against sid and now sana to break their bond. Rashmi is totally obsessed with shukla and wants him by any means

  5. Gand Rashmi ke muh se nikalti hai she started all drama n Sidharth still in his limitsrashmi khud ki izzat nikal rahi haiher husband left her Sidharth n lalwani left her now ramlal arhan this is character of Rashmi?

  6. Shukla psyco pata nahi apne aap ko kya samajhta hai har koi iss ka chamcha bana rahey woh iss ke nazron mein theek hai baki sab galat aur iss ke ex gf #arti and #shefali Z mujhey in 2 auratoon say nafrat hai pagal budhiyan aur mujhey tu lagta hai ke arti Singh sukla se piyar kerti hai iss liye sana say jalti hai sid bhi uss ke itne insult karta hai lakin baat nahi ati

  7. Oh boy!! Siddharth doesn’t lo like he was ever obsessed with Rashami! Come on ! She’s the one obsessed with handsome hunk Shukla! I don’t hear Shukla talk about her at all. One can see Shukla is disgusted by her presence ! This is case of calling the kettle black baby. On the other hand we see Shukla is fond of sana and very comfortable with that beautiful actress Jasmine he was dancing with on New Year’s Eve. No woman in BB is worthy of King Shukla yarn! Sorry !

  8. Shukla is a good player but also a physco …….so this types of people khabhi jitana nhi jahiye …Asim at least pysco to nehi hain Shukla k tarah …and Mayra ..I just hate her voice so irritating ….plz chale jao bigboss se ….reshmi is a good player but ..Sid k sath Jo bhi past Hain work sayad bohut ganda Hain isiliyee o Sid ko itna hate karta Hain …and we don’t know wht happened between them … isiliyee hamlog ko reshmi galat lag Rahi ..agar hamlog Jan jaye phir sayad reshmi ki behavior thik lagega .

  9. Sidharth is a gentle man and a man of dignity and the way Rashmi has behaved in the bigg boss house says a lot about her character. She is capable of rumour mongering as she is constantly bitching about people behind their backs and is plotting against everyone she dislikes. She seems to be too judgemental and assumes lot of things causing lot of chaos and confusion. Whereas Sidharth seems to be a straight forward, no-nonsense man so it’s hard to believe that he could have been at any default in this rashmi-sid controversies. My gut feeling is that Rashmi is the one to blame!


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