Aaj Tak anchor Anjana Om Kashyap’s cringe-worthy broadcast from inside Muzaffarpur ICU evokes mass condemnation


An Aaj Tak anchor is facing a barrage of attacks from medical professionals and other netizens after she was seen harassing and humiliating a doctor treating desperate children suffering from Acute Encephalitis Syndrome at a hospital in Muzaffarpur. The video of Anjana Om Kashyap, who is an Executive Editor of the Hindi news channel Aaj Tak, broadcasting live from inside the ICU of a hospital in Muzaffarpur while admonishing a doctor seemingly for no fault of his has gone virals.

In the video, Kashyap is seen charging at a doctor, who looks flustered even as he attends a patient having been brought to the ICU. The number of children present in the ICU appears to far exceed the number of beds available.

Starting her broadcast from inside the ICU, Kashyap asks a relative of a child before asking a nurse and a doctor on the round where they intended to ‘adjust’ the child in question. The doctor, who is seen attending a patient is forced to have a conversation with Kashyap on camera. And when he attempts to proceed to attend patients, in desperate need for treatment, the Aaj Tak anchor stops him by admonishing.

“One second, one second. Children are coming here, there is no one to instruct them. If you don’t have space here, then you could have shifted them to a different ward.”

The doctor in the video once again turns towards a patient being carried on a stretcher, but an angry Kashyap once again stops him by angrily asking, “Doctor Sahab, where are you going?.. Had I not switched on my mic, you wouldn’t have looked at the patient for one hour.”

The doctor replies taking objection to Kashyap’s allegations. He asks angrily, “What are you talking about? I am taking the round. Am I sitting here? The sister (nurse) was attending to the new patient. Wasn’t she?”

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Kashyap here tells the doctor that she is not blaming him for the chaos but raising questions on the flawed system. But soon, she once again turns aggressive and accuses him of saying something that the doctor claims to have never said. From the video shared by Aaj Tak, it did not appear that the doctor said what Kashyap alleged, i.e. ‘I will attend to the child in some time’.

Kashyap then shifts her focus to another nurse, who reminds her that one of her fellow nurses was attending to the child when the Aaj Tak anchor lost her temper. But, Kashyap appeared in no mood to stand corrected.

She returns to the doctor one more time to almost pull out a filmy dialogue; as she says, “Camera aur mic ki roshni mein ilaj nahi hota na doctor sahab.” This implied that the doctor was only pretending to treat the patients because of the presence of the Aaj Tak crew.

The doctor was not going to accept this insinuation lying down as he protested. “There’s a difference between standing idle and treating the patient,” he said. But Kashyap pulls the mic away from him while declaring sarcastically, “Yes I saw that you wanted to be seen as treating a patient on camera.”

Kashyap was seen raising her voice in anger when the doctor took objection to her allegations.

No sooner did Aaj Tak share this video from its social media pages as a sign of its great journalism, Kashyap began to face widespread condemnation. While sharing the video, Aaj Tak’s caption read, “When a journalist took on the doctor for the treatment of children.”

Here’s how people have been reacting on social media: (You can watch the video at the end of this report). Many users also asked if she was so concerned about Muzaffarpur’s children, then why she had arrived here to cover the catastrophic human tragedy on the 17th day when the disease had claimed the lives of more than 100 people.

Journalist Abhisar Sharma wrote on Facebook, “I’m stunned by the display of this journalism. Such a shameful scene inside the ICU.” Author Kanchan Pant wrote in Hindi, “You should be ashamed of yourself Aanjana Om Kashyap. Show a cricket match if you want TRP. Or broadcast the true or false stories on the relationship of film stars. But stop these theatrics.”

More than 100 children have died in the last 17 days due to encephalitis. Indian media particularly TV channels were accused of turning a blind eye to this unfolding human tragedy because of their focus on other ‘pressing issues’ such as the doctors strike in West Bengal and the ongoing cricket World Cup.

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  1. Why this morron person @anjanaomkashyap allowed to enter in picu ..she is neither a doctor or medicos person. .she talking about totally brainless thinks .this lady is totally brainless ..

  2. Doctors are soft targets everywhere and instead of talking in favour of the doctor who is trying to treat under all odd circumstances ,she is obstructing the treatment . she should ask the same questions to politicians to increase the number of pads to increase the number of doctors and nurses. I haven’t seen any other rude person than her. the arrogance is extreme . she should not do journalism. She should apologize to the doctor and come up with another video apologizing to the whole country.

  3. I hope Indian Medical Association instead of extending the support to Doctors on strike, should have asked the Doctors to attend the children’s in distress in Muzzafurpur.

    Bus drivers in the Japanese city of Okayama went on strike, but this is no ordinary industrial dispute. They’re still working, driving around picking up passengers.

    But they’re not doing a key part of the job – accepting fares – as they seek greater job security in the face of stiff competition from a rival company.

    The method can be questioned – after all, depriving an employer of revenue when it’s fighting for its life may not be the most effective way of staying afloat.

    But Japan News website says the free rides are helping the company preserve its relationship with the passengers in the face of competition.

    Here we look at some more unusual strikes through the ages.

    Something Aaj Tak anchor Anjana Om Kashyap and IMA has to learn from the Japanese way of the strike.

    I hope she has the same courage to question PM Modi and BJP’s senior leaders on the reduction of the budget in the health care system.

    Jai Hind

  4. Mam do you have any sense…enter icu without changing clothes ..take pictures of children who are struggling for life…and drag a doctor and blame him for all the woes..if u have guts go tell the same thing to a politician may be pm Modi…do not do superficial reporting ..you are a irresponsible journalist

  5. Most shameless self-promotion TV coverage ever seen from an ICU where Doctors are struggling to save children, suffering from malnutrition based disorders. If she has guts she should barge into CMO or PMO or health minister chamber and put proper questions. That will be Real heroic reporting. Try that Madam

  6. Shame on u.. How cme u enter into ICU.. so if u want news u care able enough to cme into our bedrooms nd evn bathrooms.. Mam u r askng a doc who is wrkng thre dnt u have common sense..

  7. This crazy lady… who is she to question an ICU doctor, who allowed her into ICU with permission, and what did she do when the state CM was there hiding in the toilet, she is causing disturbances to ICU doctor by not allowing him to attend other kids, she should get blamed and charged with murder charges with anyone of kid in that ICU passes away……she is stopping the doctor and asking as a judge … is she gone blinds so many kids one doctor
    U idiotic journalist ask the government and the CM of that state not the doctor you brainless lady…..

  8. Let her children’s in icu than see what will be her reaction shameless, lier, cheap journalist…. It shame on you Anjana feku Kashyap


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