Small plane kills 3 after crashing into crowd at airfield in Germany


A small plane has killed three people after it crashed into crowd at airfield in German state of Hesse. The Cessna Aircraft flew into a group of people on the airfield, said local media reports.

The cause of the plane crash is not known. The incident took place at 3:45 pm local time on the Wasserkuppe mountain, which is a hill near the city of Fulda.

Hesse is a state towards the north of Germanyand is where the city of Frankfurt lies, reported London’s Express website. The Wasserkuppe is the highest peak in the Rhon Mountains and has the elevation of a large plateau formation.

Among those killed are two adults and a child. Eight other people too are reported to have sustained injuries in the accident.

A report by BBC said that the plane was reportedly trying to gain height after a failed landing. The weather condition in the area was very good when the accident took place.