Now ISIS beheads two women on accusations of “sorcery”


According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Islamic State group has beheaded two women in Syria on accusations of “sorcery”. The incident is first of its kind as it pertains to the brutal execution of women.

“The Islamic State group executed two women by beheading them in Deir Ezzor province, and this is the first time the Observatory has documented women being killed by the group in this manner,” Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said.

The Britain-based monitor said the executions took place on Monday and Sunday and involved two couples.
In both cases, the women were executed with their husbands, with each pair accused of “witchcraft and sorcery”.

In an earlier report, the group had stated that the ISIS had carried out 3,027 executions in one year.

Among the thousands of people executed by ISIS in Syria, 86 were women.

Recently, ISIS had released a video showing young boys being trained in cages and undertaking military training.

Isis has used various methods of execution, including beheading, stoning and burning people alive and has released video footage of many such brutal killings on the social media.