UN condemns latest missile launches by North Korea


The UN has condemned the ballistic missile launches conducted by North Korea this week, warning of “further significant measures” against the reclusive country if it did not stop such actions.

“The members of the Security Council deplore all Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea ballistic missile activities, including these launches, noting that such activities contribute to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Koreas development of nuclear weapons delivery systems and increase tension,” the 15-member Council said in a statement on Thursday.

North Korea fired three ballistic missiles off its east coast on 5 September. North Korea has conducted a series of missile tests this year. This is the fourth nuclear test since January.

The launches conducted on 5 September were in “grave violation” of the countrys international obligations under various resolutions it has adopted, the statement said.

The Council members said they will continue to closely monitor the situation and “take further significant measures in line with the Councils previously expressed determination” if North Korea did not stop such testings and launches.

The Council expressed serious concern that the country conducted the latest launches after a series of earlier ones ? held intermittently on different occasions between 15 April and 22 August? in flagrant disregard of repeated Council statements.

“The members of the Security Council reiterated that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea shall refrain from further actions, including nuclear tests, in violation of the relevant Security Council resolutions and comply fully with its obligations under these resolutions,” the Council noted.

In the statement, the Council members said they further regretted that North Korea is diverting resources to the pursuit of ballistic missiles while its citizens have great unmet needs.

The Council also called upon all UN Member States to redouble their efforts to implement fully the measures it had imposed on North Korea, particularly the “comprehensive” sanctions contained in previous resolutions, which among other points, expands arms embargo and non-proliferation measures, including small arms and light weapons, and enforces new cargo inspection and maritime procedures, including mandatory inspection on cargo destined to and originating from North Korea.