US refrains from commenting on Narendra Modi’s ‘mothership’ remark


India and Pakistan should look for ways to resolve their deeply-held differences peacefully, the US has said even as it refrained from making any comment on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks calling Pakistan as the “mothership” of terrorism.

“I have to admit, I have not been briefed on those comments. What I can say in general is that we have encouraged India and Pakistan to look for ways to resolve peacefully their deeply-held differences on a range of issues,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters in response to a question on Modi’s remarks at the BRICS Summit.

“We have discussed in here on a number of occasions the significant threat that exists in Pakistan from extremists. We’ve actually seen that the Pakistani people have been victims of those extremist activities on far too many occasions,” Earnest said.

“The United States and Pakistan have an important relationship when it comes to our shared security concerns in the region, particularly when those concerns emanate from extremist groups,” he added.

“The United States and India also have a very important relationship as well and the friendship and effective working relationship between the United States and India and between Prime Minister Modi and President (Barack) Obama have allowed the citizens of both of our countries to enjoy significant benefits not just when it comes to our shared security concerns, but also when it comes to our intertwined economies as well,” Earnest said.

US has been able to “confront successfully” in the war against terrorism, but the Obama Administration believes there is more that Islamabad needs to do, he said.

(With inputs from PTI)