US President Barack Obama to address UN General Assembly one last time


US President Barack Obama will address the UN General Assembly for the eighth and last time on Tuesday during which he will review some of the trends that have been shaping the international order for many years, his close aide has said.

Obama leaves Washington DC for New York on Sunday morning for his last time attending the annual General Assembly Session as the US President.

“I think with respect to the speech, what he will want to do is step back and review some of the progress that’s been made over the last eight years, but also review some of the trends that have been shaping our international order for many years and that have led up to a really critical moment as the international community responds to a range of different crises,” Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said.

Giving a preview of his speech, Rhodes said Obama would likely offer his thoughts in this final forum to address the entire world about the types of approaches that they need to take as a national community to deal with a myriad of challenges.

Obama will also talk about “how we can ensure that we’re continuing to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth; how we are promoting the type of inclusive governance that both respects the rights of individuals around the world, but also facilitate to the many challenges that we face, governance obviously being a critical component of what is needed to deal with issues in the Middle East and North Africa, and then discuss the type of international cooperation we’re seeking to build,” Rhodes said.

“I think Paris is a good model for that in that it involves nearly every country in the world stepping forward and making commitments to work together to deal with the global challenge. I think the President will discuss how we can apply international cooperation to deal with the many issues that are shaping this period in time,” Rhodes said.