Shocker from Rio: Lalita Babar’s coach ‘detained’ and later released


Indian athletics contingent’s middle and long distance coach Nikolai Snesarev was “detained” for half a day and later released by the police after a lady doctor at the Games Village of the Rio Olympics made a complaint of misbehaviour at the polyclinic here.

Belarusian Snesarev, who trains the likes of Lalita Babar, Sudha Singh and O P Jaisha, was kept at a local police station yesterday and was later let of after the intervention of the Indian Embassy in Brazil, it was learnt.

Athletics Federation of India Secretary C K Valson, who is part of the Indian contingent to the Games, told PTI that Snesarev has been released and the matter has been sorted out.

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“Snesarev is released now and there will be no further action on him. The issue is sorted out after the intervention of the Indian Embassy,” he said.

Another member of the contingent said that Snesarev was involved in an incident with a lady doctor at the Games Village polyclinic where marathon runner O P Jaisha was brought for medical examination due to dehydration after her event yesterday morning.

“Due to hot weather conditions during the marathon race, Jaisha felt severe exhaustion and she nearly collapsed after finishing the race at 89th place. She was taken to the polyclinic at Games Village and Snesarev was very worried as he thought there was no sign of pulse on Jaisha’s body,” the source said.

“But the lady doctor at the polyclinic did not allow him to accompany Jaisha inside the hospital. The doctor said only one person will be allowed to go in with Jaisha. So, Radhakrishan Nair (deputy head coach) was allowed to accompany Jaisha and Snesarev was denied permission. Snesarev, being agitated, pushed the lady doctor, went inside and some incident happened. She later made a police complaint,” he added.

The AFI officials made frantic efforts to sort out the issue (between the doctor and Snesarev), but the Belarusian was taken to a local police station and was made to spend a few hours there before he was released yesterday evening after the intervention of Indian Embassy in Brazil.