Slip of tongue or ‘Freudian Slip’? Video of Aaj Tak’s presenter goes viral


Video of Aaj Tak’s presenter Anjana Om Kashyap almost pronouncing her name as Anjana Om Modi has now gone viral on social media platforms.

The clip of Kashyap’s slip of the tongue while introducing herself during her flagship show, Halla Bol, is being widely shared by users with non-BJP leanings on Twitter and Facebook.

In the video (below), Kashyap is seen saying, “Namaskar, aap dekh rahe hain Halla Bol. Aapke Saath main hoon Anjana Om Mod. hmm Anjana Om Kashyap.”

No sooner had the video been broadcast, social media users began to fervently share the clip alleging that this was, in effect, a Freudian Slip.

User Roshan Rai was the first one to tweet about it.

Here are some reactions on Twitter and Facebook;

Here are some Facebook comments:

A P Singh Chatha: There was a time when credibility of aaj tak was on top but now they sold themselves to bjp.

Jose Joseph: Sorry…its not her mistake….that is the way Indians talk now a days…only bhakti & no logic…

Rakesh Chaturvedi: Once upon a time every one like & trust on Aaj Tak, but today nobody like to see & avoiding by changing channel.

Ajay Singhal: She is the one in Aaj Tak who is unbiased, it must be a slip of tongue

Manna Barbhuiya: Anjana Om Modi.. Not bad actually

Soumyakanta Mishra: Now this is called modi mania… ha ha ha…