Pak Interior Minister says India grudges neighbor’s development


Pakistan’s Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan alleged that India’s objections to the China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) project accentuates India’s displeasure to its neighbor’s prosperity and progress.

The interior minister said in a statement that India’s reaction had “exposed its real face before the world” as it finds its neighbor’s progress and development “unacceptable”. Khan singing in Sharif’s tone alleged that India’s intention is not only to destabilise and hegemonise Pakistan but also to use any means at its disposal to keep Pakistan backward and underdeveloped.

Khan further said that the people of Pakistan and its entire political and military leadership are united to fight and defeat all forms of terrorism from wherever they may occur.

He said the country is united to carry forward the CPEC to its logical conclusion “irrespective of all scheming and conspiring on part of its enemies”.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz’s Sharif on Tuesday criticised India for deterring China to enter into an agreement with Pakistan. “Pakistan’s enemies are not happy with the country’s progress and development and want to weaken it through incidents such as Mastung bus attack,”Sharif said. He further lauded China for rejecting India’s qualms regarding the mega-development project.