Maltese journalist who led Panama Papers probe against country’s top politicians killed in car bomb attack

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One of Malta’s top journalists, Daphne Caruana Galizia, who led investigations on Panama Papers leak involving some of her country’s top politicians has been killed in a car bomb attack.

Those exposed by Galizia included the wife of Malata’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, his former Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and his chief of staff, Keith Schembri.

While Mizzi and Schembri have denied any role in the journalist’s murder, Muscat has said that he was determined to find her murderer.

His tweet read, “This is a spiteful attack on a citizen and freedom of expression. I will not rest until justice is done. The country deserves justice.” This came after his televised statement, which denounced her murder as a “barbaric attack on press freedom.”

It read, “I will not rest until I see justice done in this case. Our country deserves justice.”

Galizia’s blog Running Commentary  was one of the most read websites in Malta. Just hours before her murder, she had expressed her frustration on the lack of progress in prosecuting alleged corruption cases.

She wrote, “There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate.”

Politico magazine had earlier this year listed her as one of the 28 men and women “making and shaking Europe” for her unrelenting crusade against what she saw as Malta’s culture of “cronyism” and opaque government, reported London’s Telegraph.



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