The tale of two Zakir Naik interviews by Times Now, audio goes viral


Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has released the audio of the two interviews that Times Now conducted with him over the phone soon after the controversy over whether he inspired one of Dhaka terrorists kicked in.

In the audio, the Times Now journalist, Megha Prasad, is heard speaking to the Mumbai-based scholar over the phone.

In the first interview, Prasad appears calm and composed while speaking to her guest and concludes the conversation on an amicable note.

However, as Naik’s office claims, Prasad called the Islamic scholar again to his hotel in Mecca in Saudi Arabia informing that ‘there’s been a major, major’ technical fault in the first interview requesting if she could record the same interview again.

Naik agreed to speak only to realise that her tone had dramatically changed this time.

Prasad sounds incredibly aggressive to her guest and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Naik.

Naik asks if the excuse to record the interview second time was because Prasad’s ‘superior’ didn’t like what the preacher had to say in the first interview. Naik even offers to provide the audio of his first interview to the channel because he had ‘recorded’ the conversation at his end.

Prasad insists on re interviewing.

The second interview ends amidst a heated exchange between Naik and Prasad. This after the Times Now journalist provocatively asks him if he was able to sleep fine despite inspiring people to kill innocents.

This provokes Naik to demand an apology from the journalist asking how she was able to sleep despite indulging in unethical means in her journalism. Prasad refuses to apologise, thereby bringing the conversation with Naik to an abrupt end.

You can listen to both the interviews here.