Rajdeep Sardesai’s epic reply after Arnab Goswami targets Sagarika Ghose causing misogynistic trend on Twitter


Saturday saw quite a lot of activity on Twitter after Times Now’s editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, launched an open war of sorts against his detractors through an open letter.

Taking an unusual step to write an open letter, Arnab sought to clarify why his interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi wasn’t a fixed match.

Among other things, he also took a dig at journalist Sagarika Ghose by calling her a ‘has been anchor,’ who, according to him, lobbied to be on his show Newshour in the past.

Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose

He wrote, “One of them, a has-been anchor who desperately lobbies for an opportunity to be invited on my Newshour debates, even put out a tweet asking why the prime minister chose to give an interview to me and not hold a press conference. Embarrassed by the angry reactions, she deleted the tweet later.”

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This led to right-wing Twitter users to cause a trend, an overwhelming majority of the users on the microblogging site found it in poor taste. Hashtag #ArnabSlapsSagarika was widely deemed as misogynistic.

Responding to Arnab’s allegation and jibe against her, Sagarika tweeted, “Oh my! What a lot of tu tu main main on Twitter at the mo. Enjoy people, we “has-beens” better go back to our Horlicks & Agatha Christie.”

Many users tagged her husband and renowned journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai, for a comment. But, known for his chivalry, Rajdeep decided to ignore the perceived dirty Twitter campaign allegedly launched by the BJP’s social media team.

However, Rajdeep’s two-liner response came as a killer.

In response to a Twitter user, he said, “Not at all. They and their glorified hero (Arnab) have revealed their mindset. Let them continue.”

Known for signing off with a couplet from famous Bollywood tracks, Rajdeep chose the following lines on Saturday night, “Nafrat karne Walon Ke seene mein pyar bhar doon, mein woh parwana hoon pathar ko mom kar doon.. Gnight, shubhratri”