Journalist Ravish Kumar on government’s ban against NDTV India


An audio of journalist Ravish Kumar talking about the central government’s ban for NDTV India has gone viral.

In the audio, Ravish, who anchors the prime time show on NDTV India, is heard talking about the danger of emergency-like situation under the current regime.

Ravish is heard saying, “There are two way we being intimidated. We are now being told not to ask questions. They are in direct contrast with the ethos of constitution…People should realise that if they can’t stand with those who speak in different voice, they they will be suffocating the democracy to death..”

The Modi government last week had decided to impose a one-day ban on the NDTV’s Hindi channel claiming that it had violated broadcasting code during its coverage of Pathankot attack in January this year.

However, there’s a general perception that the channel was made to pay the price for not toeing the government’s line as has been the case with the rest of the TV industry in India. Most Indian news channels in India are now accused of having been transformed as mouthpieces of the central government.

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