Yogendra Yadav responds to Kapil Mishra’s apology


Swaraj India chief, Yogendra Yadav, has responded to the sacked Delhi minister, Kapil Mishra, who on Sunday had apologised to the former along with noted Supreme Court lawyer, Prashant Bhushan.

Taking to Facebook, Yadav wrote an open letter advising Mishra, his former colleague, to desist from negative politics.

Yadav wrote, “I heard your apology in yesterday’s press conference. I felt that instead of apologising to Prashant ji or me (along with Anand ji and Ajit ji), you should have said sorry to those thousands, lakhs of supporters and crores of Indians, who were cheated…Who doesn’t make a mistake, but not everybody has the courage to apologise.”

Yadav then went on to remind him how he had gone to campaign for Mishra in his constituency during the Delhi assembly elections.

“Just imagine how I would have felt when you called me a traitor. Then you also attacked Shanti Bhushan ji. I tremble even now whenever I remember that episode. By apologising you’ve indicated that the event did take place. Do tell the whole truth whenever you feel comfortable in future,” Yadav added.

The Swaraj India head advised Mishra not to indulge in daily press briefings to launch attack against Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal asking him to stay away from negative politics.

He said, “You are way too smarter than me in politics. Don’t take it otherwise, but here’s a suggestion. Stop your daily press conferences against Arvind Kejriwal. I’m not suggesting that all your allegations are wrong… By making series of allegations on a daily basis, you are not going to clean up Aam Aadmi Party. This will destroy whatever hope people have left in honest politics.”

Firing yet another salvo at Kejriwal, Mishra on Sunday had alleged that a businessman being probed for a Rs 400- crore scam had funded the foreign tours of two top Aam Aadmi Party leaders.

He had also apologised to Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, who were expelled from AAP in April 2015 for “anti-party activities” after they questioned Kejriwal’s leadership. They floated a new political party Swaraj India last year.

While reiterating that he will stay in the AAP to cleanse it, the rebel leader, who has been suspended from the party’s primary membership, invited former India Against Corruption volunteers to help him make Delhi “corruption-free” and “Kejriwal-free”.