World Press Freedom Day: PM Modi vouches for free press, says it makes democracy stronger


On World Press Freedom Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed unwavering support to press freedom, saying a free press makes a stronger democracy and makes the society more vibrant. Amidst the allegations of restricting media, this comes as a welcome step by the Prime Minister.

(AP File Photo)

“A free press makes a stronger democracy. Today, on World Press Freedom Day, let us reaffirm our commitment towards steadfastly supporting a free press. It is the multiplicity of ideas and human expression that makes us more vibrant as a society,” Modi tweeted.

“I applaud all those who have been working tirelessly to uphold freedom of the press. It is due to these countless women and men that the spirit of a free press is significantly enhanced.”

Modi also appreciated the role of people on social media towards safeguarding the freedom of press and expression.

The UN General Assembly declared 3 May to be the ‘World Press Freedom Day’ to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press. Janta Ka Reporter too was founded on 3 May in 2015.

PM Modi had recently withdrawn a controversial order by Smriti Irani’s Information and Broadcasting Ministry on journalists. The order intended to cancel the journalists’ accreditation if they were accused of spreading fake news. The order had caused huge outcry among journalists.