WATCH- Nitish Kumar loses cool after crowd chants ‘Lalu Zindabad’ slogans in election rally


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday lost his cool after a group of people chanted Lalu Zindabad in his election rally. Rattled by repeated heckling, Kumar decided to admonish the crowd midway through his election speech.

नीतीश कुमार

A visibly rattled JDU leader was heard saying, “What are you saying? Raise your hands and explain why you are speaking nonsense here. Don’t create a ruckus here. If you don’t want to vote (for me), then don’t.”

He then asked his supporters if the behaviour of those chanting Lalu Zindabad was appropriate.

Kumar, who is facing a considerable anti-incumbency in this year’s assembly polls, was campaigning for his party’s candidate Chandrika Rai, who recently quit the Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal to join the JDU.

Bihar will go to polls in three phases with the first phase of elections set to be held on 28 October. Polling in the remaining two stages will take place on 3 and 7 November with the counting of votes for 10 November.

Nitish Kumar, who won 2015 assembly polls in alliance with the Congress and the RJD, later dumped his alliance partners to join hands with the BJP. His last five years as chief minister saw law and order deteriorate alarmingly in the state with crimes against women rising significantly.