Viral video shows Hindutva goons threatening outside Delhi mosque and chanting ‘Mullahs will shout Ram Ram when they are slaughtered’


A viral video shows how Hindutva goons threatened outside a Delhi mosque while chanting ‘jab mullah kaata jaayega, Ram Ram Chillayega. (Mullahs will shout Ram Ram when they are slaughtered.)’

The video was first shared by one former Indian Air Force officer, Rajiv Tyagi, on his Facebook page. In the video, a group of armed Hindutva goons, who introduced themselves as part of Bajrang Shakti Rally, urged their supporters to fervently share the video, being streamed live on Facebook. The armed goons chanted slogans filled with profanity against Muslims as they brandished swords and guns.

The procession stopped at a mosque in east Delhi, where they burst firecrackers and threw saffron colour at the mosque.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, local cops confirmed that a bike rally was indeed taken out on 1 April, when incidents of hooliganism were reported at least outside four mosques in east Delhi and Shahdara.

In the viral video, the Hindutva goons are seen stopping outside the gate of Muhammadi mosque in Mandawali, where they brandished swords and burst fire crackers. One Additional DCP rank officer told Janta Ka Reporter, “The local imam had filed a complaint but he has since then withdrawn the case.’

But the latest episode in India’s national capital has traised several questions on the integrity of Delhi Police, which allegedly did not take act when the Hindutva goons were threatening Muslims and raising profanity-laden slogans outside the mosque. A report by Indian Express said that cops had deputed 10 Jaguar motorcycles, one ERV unit from every police station in the area and an additional 15-man team from four police stations. Two police gypsys had also followed the rally.

The IE report further revealed that the Anand Vihar councillor and BJP leader, Gunjan Gupta, had flagged off one of the bike rallies from Prachin Hanuman Mandir in Madhu Vihar. He said that there was “nothing wrong” with what happened. Gupta was also named in a police complaint, along with the Mandawali councillor Shashi Chandana for allegedly inciting the crowd, escalating tensions.

Instead of taking cognisance of the act, the Delhi Police have now passed the buck to the local imam. A formal complaint, say legal experts, is not required for police to act against the culprits, whose action nearly caused communal riots in the area.

There’s been considerable rise in the number of Hindutva militants attempting to desecrate the Muslims’ places of worship in the last few weeks. Last month, hundreds of Hindutva militants had attacked a local mosque in Rosada area of Samastipur before hoisting a saffron flag, said local residents.