Video- ‘Brave’ Zee News reporter asks Rahul Gandhi to comment on Amit Shah’s son and this happens


Zee News reporter asked Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Monday evening to comment on the alleged impropriety in the unprecedented growth in the turnover of the company owned by Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah.

Using the opportunity well, not only did Gandhi answer the question but also took a dig at both the media’s silence and Zee News’s alleged biases in favour of the BJP. The owner of Zee News, Subhash Chandra is a Rajya Sabha MP with BJP’s support.

Gandhi was in Aklav in Anand district of Gujarat conducting a roadshow when the Zee News reporter asked him to comment on Amit Shah’s son.

This is how their conversation transpired;

Rahul Gandhi: Today you haven’t feared. He’s asked me a good question. He’s a special press reporter. He’s brave. What’s your name brother? Tell me your name. Don’t be scared.

Reporter: Gaurav Patel

Rahul Gandhi: Gaurav Patel ji is here. He’s very brave. He doesn’t fear Modi ji, he doesn’t fear Amit Shah ji. He’s asked me a very good question. Please ask again.

Reporter: The manner in which this company has made windfall gains, how do you see it and who do you hold responsible?

Paraphrasing the question, Rahul Gandhi asks, “You mean to say the sudden jump from Rs 50,000 to Rs 80 crore? How do you think it happened? You seem to be brave. Why don’t YOU answer it? What do you think? This small company. What’s the owner’s name? Jay Shah’s company, which was rather small. It was worth Rs 50,000 in 2014. After 2014, it became worth Rs 80 crore. What do you think about it? How did it happen?Don’t be afraid, you tell me what you feel.

Reporter: Sir, I am asking you.

Rahul Gandhi: What do you think, you are a journalist. Do you think? Is this a result of a legitimate business? You know the answer. The entire country and whole of Gujarat know the answer. But you asked me a very good questions. Well done.

The BJP in general and the BJP president in particular have been facing the heat after The Wire website carried a report alleging that the turnover of Jay Shah’s company had soared by 16,000 times since Narendra Modi became the prime minister and his father was elevated to the post of BJP’s president.

Jay Shah on Monday filed a defamation case against seven people over reported huge growth in his firm’s turnover published by The Wire, reported PTI.

Congress, AAP and the Left parties have demanded a thorough probe into the business dealings of Jay Shah. Sibal on Sunday had asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get the allegations investigated by ED and CBI.