Varun Gandhi mocks new JNU VC’s first press release for ‘exhibition of illiteracy’


BJP MP Varun Gandhi has mocked the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University for the ‘exhibition of illiteracy.’ Gandhi said that such ‘mediocre appointments serve’ to damage the ‘human capital’ and the future of India’s youth.

Gandhi tweeted, “This press release from the new JNU VC is an exhibition of illiteracy, littered with grammatical mistakes (would strive vs will strive;students friendly vs student-friendly;excellences vs excellence). Such mediocre appointments serve to damage our human capital & our youth’s future.”

A known social media hatemonger, Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit was appointed as the VC of one of India’s premier institutes by the Narendra Modi government.

In her first press statement, Pandit said, “As vice-chancellor, JNU I thank both the Hon’ble Prime Minister and Minister of Higher Education for giving me this opportunity as the first woman and alumnus of this esteemed University from the state of Tamil Nadu.”

“The immediate focus of this administration would be to provide clean administration, student-friendly and gender-sensitive environment for academic excellence. We would strive to implement NEP-2020, the vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister especially in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary areas of studies, JNU rising to greater heights of academics and research. The focus would be in constructing Indo-centric narratives,” her statement read.

Pandit is known for spewing venom on social media. In one of her tweets, she had called veteran actor Kamal Haasan a known ‘Hindu abuser’ and ‘rice bag convert, which is a derogatory term used by Hindutva hatemongers for India’s Christian minority community.

In another tweet, Pandit had justified the murder of Mahatma Gandhi. “Godse thought action was important and identified a solution for a united India in the assassination of one person Mahatma Gandhi. Sad,” she had tweeted in 2019.

In other tweets, she had attacked Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav, singer Rihanna for supporting farmers’ protests and India’s Muslims by calling them jihadists.