NDA MP Veena Devi’s son Ashutosh dies in car accident on Noida Expressway


In a tragic development, the elder son of Lok Janshakti Party Member of Parliament Veena Devi died in a car accident on the Greater Noida expressway on Saturday morning. It’s not clear whether Ashutosh was behind the driving wheel or was travelling as a passenger.

He was in his Toyota car, which collided with the divider, resulting in an accident.

Lok Janshakti Party was founded by Ram Vilas Paswan and is an ally of the National Democratic Alliance at the Centre. Veena Devi, wife of former MP Surajbhan, is an MP from Munger in Bihar.

The deceased was pursuing an MBA degree from Noida.

The family has rushed to Delhi to claim the body and take it to Patna. Last year in May, another LJP MP Rama Kishore Singh had lost his son in a car accident in Allahabad. Rajeev Singh had died after he tried to overtake a truck near Allahabad.

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