Is India passing through an undeclared Emergency?


What would you call a government that imposes its political outfit’s ideology on people dictating their way of living? Authoritarian? Dictatorial?

We in India too are now living where the fundamental rights of a common man are now being decided by ruling party. What must I eat? What should I wear? What sort of relationship should I maintain? All these decisions are now being taken of the government at the Centre. Welcome to Modi sarkar!

Photo: Janta Ka Reporter

A government, which once promised to be inclusive and represent the aspirations of common man, is now seen going away from the people on almost every issue. Its countless promises, much-publicised resolve to make this country a great place to live in have all evaporated. All in just two and a bit years!

Anyone, who disagrees with the government policies are handed out the certificates of anti-nationals. Bharat Mata and gau mata have become the identity of new India. Hooliganism perpetrated by right-wing Hindutva militants masquerading cow protection vigilantes is now a common occurrence and life of a common man has become hell resulting in phobia.

So the question is; why this unrest?

After all, Modi won the confidence of 30 percent of India’s population, which took part in 2014 general elections based on his promise of inclusive growth, achche din and making every Indian richer by at least Rs 15 lakh. While the prime minister’s most trusted lieutenant Amit Shah has gone on record confessing that Rs 15 lakh promise was merely a ‘jumla,’ another colleague of Modi, Nitin Gadkari has gone a step further by saying that there was nothing called achche din.

How India wished to ask Modi, known for his eloquent speeches and prolific use of social media, a few questions on his election promises. But, sadly he now keeps himself preoccupied either by travelling abroad or dubious silence on almost every issue concerning Indians.

While his one-way conversation has found several fresh ideas (Mann Ki Batt, Townhall meeting), he still has not obliged media persons with a Q&A session on the performance of his government.

Truth be told, there is a situation like an EMERGENCY in the entire nation. Incidents one after the other have made us insecure and phobic. There is violence everywhere and poor MODI has maintained a cold and calculated silence. He chooses to speak when it suits his larger political agenda.

Can we expect anything better? Absolutely not there’s a general consensus that he our prime minister simply doesn’t care. He did care when a man called Mohammad Akhlaq was was brutally lynched just based on a rumour that he stored and ate beef in a village in Dadri.

To put it crudely, Modi gave a damn when more than 80 innocent people died in Kashmir. His 56 inch chest came for intense social media scrutiny after 18 army personnel lost their lives in a terror attack. Our prime minister was busy celebrating his 66th birthday.

Moreover, despite the countless number of human killings and series of gory incidents and atrocities, Modi has not even called a single press conference. A man who is always seen active on social media has never interacted openly with the members of mainstream media. Reason? He dislikes being questioned. Perhaps he considers it a taboo or he has too many skeletons in his cupboard.

Drawing a parallel with India Gandhi, even she held several press conferences before and after the Emergenc. Whatever be her motive, she indeed chose to interact with the people.

Modi’s silence has exposed him personally and his the shortcomings of his government in general. This is a good news for India, which reposed faith with him 2014. The question is; will India trust him in 2019 too? Most Indians seem to know the answer!