Uddhav Thackeray takes on PM Modi on beef ban, note ban and politics of hypocrisy


Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray, on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his alleged politics of hypocrisy, bullet train, beef ban and failed demonetisation.

Speaking at Shiv Sena’s annual Dussehra rally, Thackeray asked what happened to BJP’s famous slogan of “Ek Vidhan Ek Nishan” (One constitution, one flag and one sovereign head). This was in reference to BJP’s decision to form a government in Jammu and Kashmir with the help of Mehbooba Mufti.

He said, “In Kashmir, what ideological bond do you (BJP) share with the PDP? Why hasn’t special status to Jammu & Kashmir been revoked? I can ask BJP that like you are enjoying power in Jammu and Kashmir, would it dare to abolish Article 370.”

Speaking about demonetisation, Uddhav said, “A poor person was standing in a queue, but no rich people were in queues, and an atmosphere was created, where those who favour demonetization are considered ‘Deshbhakt’, but those who oppose it are Deshdrohi (anti-nationals).”

Uddhav said that they still opposed this decision because no one can teach another person “Deshbhakti” (nationalism).

“Don’t teach us patriotism. The day when we need to be taught patriotism hasn’t come yet. An atmosphere was created that those who favour demonetisation are patriots and those who oppose it are traitors,” he said, referring to the central government’s decision to withdraw high-value currency notes from circulation last year.

On beef and violence by right-wing terrorists posing as cow-vigilantes, Thackeray said, “In Maharashtra, you ban Beef but in Goa and Kerala your Chief Ministers, Manohar Parrikar and Alphons Kannanthanam promise their people that Beef will be provided.”

Slamming the perpetrators of mob lynching in the name of cows, Uddhav said that cow vigilantes were defaming the country.

“I don’t say that go and kill cows. But, I will quote that judge who said that here punishment to kill a cow is more than killing a person,” Uddhav said.

He also sought to draw a parallel with the the governments around India, where the BJP was a junior partner got post of deputy chief minister’s posts for the party, with that of Maharashtra, where Shiv Sena is a minority partner.

“You are okay with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar abusing you. You are okay with Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti threatening you, but why not Shiv Sena that says “Garv se Kaho Hum Hindu Hain” (say proudly that you are a Hindu),” Uddhav was quoted by ANI.

On GST, Thackeray said that that there was no uniformity in the tax system even after its roll-out this July.

He sasked, “They say that GST is bringing uniform taxation, but where is uniformity.”

He said that even Pakistan has cheaper petrol than India and added, “If you have to do something then make the petrol cheaper than Pakistan. All Shiv sainiks will take you on their heads.”

Speaking about Rohingyas, the Shiv Sena chief said, “They are not from us. Their own country has thrown them out and even Bangladesh has refused to accept them despite being a Muslim country.”

Addressing the AIMIM chief, Asaduddin Owaisi, he said, “Owaisi says that we should embrace them as our brothers, why? Does this country belong to your father,” said Uddhav.

He said that their “Hindutva” or their humanity is not so generous that they will accept these people (referring to Rohingyas).