PM Modi’s bow fails, forced to throw it like javelin


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was left red faced on Saturday after the bow he was trying use to aim at the effigy of Ravana broke.

PM Modi was trying to release his arrow aiming at the effigy as a symbolic gesture to mark the Dussehra festival at Red Fort Ground in New Delhi. Also joining him was former prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh.

Just when he released his arrow, he realised that his bow had broken. This brought smile on everyone’s face. Modi then threw the arrow with his hand just like javelin.

The video of Modi unable to shoot the effigy of Ravana has gone viral on social media platforms since then. Modi’s detractors, particularly the Congress supporters, have added a humourous touch to the video by using their slogan, Development Gone Crazy.

In the viral video, they have also added a short clip of Gujarat’s chief minister, Vijay Rupani, uttering in Gujarati ‘Development has gone crazy.’

Development Gone Crazy has become a buzz word on social media ahead of crucial assembly elections in Gujarat. The Congress social media team had claimed that the campaign was started by them to mock the false claims of the BJP on development.

Meanwhile, social media users too had their share of laugh at the expense of prime minister. Here are some reactions from Facebook;

Khumanlakpa Meitei: Maybe Ravana was not evil after all….maybe the bow is in the wrong hands…it should be vice-versa.

Manish Jain: Like always… Doing things without proper preparations!!

Aman Ans He just threw it like… Tea seller throws used tea leaves..

Wilson Pinto: The bow failed on 8th November 2016. And we saw the visuals just today.

Irfan Iftekhar: His every action has failed so far