Tripura governor’s secret letter to new CM on BJP worker is out, Tathagata Roy defends move


Tripura continues to make the headlines, all for wrong reasons. After Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s controversial statements, now an equally controversial letter by Governor Tathagata Roy has kicked up a political storm.

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A confidential letter by Roy has been leaked whereby he’s urging Chief Minister Biplab Deb to consider appointing a Bengal BJP worker as an advisor to his government for “interacting with possible entrepreneurs and examination of accounts” out on social media is being widely criticized by the Left.

In the letter, dated 14 March, the Governor recommended Sarvadaman Ray, describing him as an old colleague in the BJP and a “qualified chartered accountant”. The letter suggests that the Governor had already spoken with the CM on the candidate during the swearing in of a temporary speaker of the Tripura assembly.

“Accordingly, I forward the biodata of Sarvadaman Ray, whom I had known as a party colleague from 1990, when I was active in politics in the West Bengal unit of the BJP. Shri Ray is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has served in important position in the private sector. He is interested to serve your government for purposes of interacting with possible entrepreneurs as well as for examination of accounts. You may like to give the matter due consideration,” NDTV quoted the letter.

After being trolled on social media by critics who accused him of acting like a “BJP pracharak (volunteer)”, Roy responded first calling it “yellow journalism” and “too funny for words”, before finally admitting that he indeed wrote the letter. His tweet read, “I recommended to the CM of Tripura an old party,colleague and a Chartered Accountant for appointment in an advisory capacity. A perfectly normal and legitimate move. Now a Comrade has discovered the letter and is jumping around with the glee of Columbus discovering America. LOL!”


The CPM, which was recently defeated by the BJP after its three-decade rule in Tripura, has accused the governor of misusing his office more often since the BJP came to power. “The governor’s position is being blatantly misused. Ever since the BJP come to power here, this has increased manifold… This is unprecedented,” reportedly said Sankar Prasad Datta, a CPM parliamentarian.

CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said, “Not that he has had any respect for the constitutional appointment of a Governor, but this is blatant cronyism, corruption and political partisanship from the Tripura Governor. Central govt ought to sack him for this, but hell-bent on destroying all institutions, it won’t.”