Tripura governor and ‘committed swayamsevak’ Tathagata Roy justifies visiting RSS shakha


Controversial Tripura governor, Tathagata Roy has defended his decision to visit the RSS shakha while holding a constitutional post by saying that he had done “nothing wrong” adding that “other Governors also visit RSS shakhas.”

He told Indian Express, “I believe other Governors also visit RSS shakhas. Just that they do not tweet about it, so nobody comes to know. Being a committed swayamsevak, I have done nothing wrong.”

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He had tweeted: “Today is Varsha Pratipada Utsav of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Attended own shakha first time afr (after) becoming Guv (Governor), delivered Boudhik. Felt good.”

His tweet had evoked sharp reactions with people slamming him for bringing the constitutional post of a governor to disrepute.

An unrepentant Roy, who calls himself a proud bhakt and swayamsewak, said, “I consider RSS as a social welfare organisation, and I am committed to it.”

In September last year, Roy had caused another controversy by declaring on social media that the notion of him being a secular was wrong and he considered himself a proud Hindu.

Roy had tweeted in response to a Dubai-based user known as Arun Nambir, who asked, ” So, Bangladeshis are giving Tathagata a lesson in being Secular. Will he delete his pro-Muslim killing tweets now?”

The reference to 1976 in the BJP leader-Governor’s tweet was to the 42nd amendment of 1976 that saw the inclusion of word ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ in the preamble of Indian constitution.