MUST WATCH video of water crisis facing India and human desperation


If you’ve spent time growing up in rural area, particularly in northern India, you may have seen people relying on a well for water, both for drinking purposes and to irrigate their small patches of farms in the close vicinity.

The prospect of ever going down the well would send shivers down your spine unless you prided yourself for your swimming prowess.

Thanks to the ongoing spell of drought, most of these wells have now dried up leaving the villagers in incredible distress. The drought’s adverse impact is being felt across India.

One such area is in Madhya Pradesh, where the desperate residents are risking their lives to fetch whatever water is left in their wells.

On Thursday, ANI reported how children in Dindori village in Madhya Pradesh were climbing down an almost dried up well to fetch the water.

The sight of these children climbing down the well holding on to protruding hooks of the inner walls shows the desperation of the hapless villagers.

This also brings home the point just how much we all have to value this natural resource, otherwise available to most us in abundance.

Extraordinary! Watch how children risk their lives, climb down an almost dried up well in a village in Dindori (MP) to fetch water (Video: Courtesy ANI)

Posted by Janta Ka Reporter on Saturday, 9 April 2016

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