Ayodhya dispute: “They (BJP) aren’t even pretending,” angry reactions after UP minister makes objectionable remarks on Supreme Court


A minister Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Adityanath government has sensationally said that Ram temple will be built in Ayodhya even though the matter was before the Supreme Court, which, according to him, was ‘ours.’

Speaking to reporters in Bahraich on Saturday, Mukut Bihari Verma said that it was the BJP’s resolve to construct the temple in Ayodhya and the saffron was committed to it.

“Temple is our resolve. It will surely come up and we are all committed to it),” Hindustan Times quoted Verma as saying.

On being reminded that the matter was before the Supreme Court, Verma reportedly said, “Supreme Court main hain tabhi toh! .. Supreme Court bhi toh hamara hi hai na, Supreme Court bhi hamara hai … nyay palika bhi hamari hai .. Vidhan Palika bhi hamari hai .. yeh desh bhi hamara hai .. mandir bhi hamara hai (yes, precisely because the matter is with Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is ours, isn’t it? The judiciary is ours, the country is ours and the temple is ours too).”

His comments did not go down well with the social media users, many of whom felt that the BJP’s mask was now off. One user wrote, “They aren’t even pretending.” Another user, Shamli Prakash wrote, “Think about these seemingly inane comments before you vote next year – “…the Supreme Court is ours…” No Mr. BJP minister, it is not yours!!”

Experts believe that the BJP will not reignite the Ayodhya-Babri Masjid issue as the dates for the next year’s Lok Sabha polls come near. The party has often used hyped the issue to whip up the Hindutva sentiments in order to polarise the voters in its favour.

The saffron party is likely to deliberately play the Hindutva card in the next elections to avoid facing the voters on the issue of governance in the face of severe anti-incumbency.

The Lok Sabha polls is scheduled to be held next year.