Amidst high drama Supreme Court concludes hearing in Ayodhya case after CJI Gogoi said ‘enough is enough’


The Supreme Court on Wednesday concluded its day-to-day hearing into the Ayodhya case at 5 PM. The top court has been conducting a daily hearing into the matter for the last 39 days.

At the start of the proceedings on Wednesday, the Supreme Court Bench comprising CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justices S A Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and SA Nazeer said, “This matter is going to be finished today by 5 PM. Enough is enough.”

Earlier the Supreme Court had said that it will conclude the day-to-day hearing on 17 October but it has now advanced the conclusion date by a day. CJI Gogoi is on 17 November, which just a month away.

The lawyer representing the Hindu stakeholders in the dispute told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that while Muslims could pray in any other mosque in Ayodhya, for Hindus ‘this is the birthplace of Ram. K Parasaran said that there were 55-60 mosques in Ayodhya alone.

This was countered by Rajeev Dhavan, who’s representing Muslim petitioners, who asked Parasaran how many temples were there in Ayodhya.

Hindu fanatics led by BJP leaders had brought down the 16th century Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992. This had led to countrywide riots and thousands, mostly Muslims, were killed in the religious pogroms.

Live updates:

  • Following rumours about Sunni Waqf Board withdrawing its claim to the title, The Quint website said that Rajiv Dhavan’s office had confirmed that they are planning no such action. Dhawan is representing the Waqf Board

  • Jain says that Muslim parties have failed to prove that the mosque was constructed by Babur. The building was always a temple. Irrespective of what Babur did. Babur did not demolish the temple. It has been unnecessarily said that the temple was demolished and a mosque was built. (Livelaw website)
  • SK Jain representing Nirmohi Akhada says ‘no evidence of Babur coming to Ayodhya.’ (Livelaw)
  • The lawyer of All India Hindu Mahasabha says, with great respect to the Court, I have not disturbed the decorum of the Court (ANI)
  • Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi has refused to take any intervention application in the case (ANI)
  • This was after Senior Advocate Vikas Singh for All India Hindu Mahasabha sought to submit a book called Ayodhya Revisited by Kunal Kishore. Dhavan objected urging the Bench not to take it on record. He said that the book had recently been written and could not be treated as evidence
  • Sr Adv Rajeev Dhavan TEARS documents and maps submitted by the All India Hindu Mahasabha as he vehemently objects to their submissions. CJI asks him to shred it further. Dhavan tears more paper. “We could just get up & walk out”, exclaims CJI (LiveLaw website) CJI Gogoi to Dhavan: You can shred it further (Bar and Bench)