Shocking photos of Delhi air hostess Anissia Batra released by family


The family of Delhi air hostess Anissia Batra, who died in mysterious circumstances, have released the old photos of the deceased bearing injury marks. In the photos, published by India Today, Anissia is shown to have injury marks on her limbs.

Photo published by India Today

While in the first photo, the 39-year-old air hostess, who worked in Luftansa Airlines, is seen with bruised marks, in the other photo, there are injury marks in her limb. Both photos are believed to have taken in March 2016, just a month after she had got married to Mayank Singhvi.

Anissia’s father Retired Major General Ropinder Singh Batra of the Indian army and her family hail from Chandigarh, while Mayank’s family is based in Delhi. She had died in mysterious circumstances earlier this month. Her death was first described to be an act of suicide, but her brother Karan Batra had later alleged that his sister may have been murdered.

Karan had said that his sister was routinely tortured by his brother-in-law for dowry. The deceased’s mother had alleged that the first time her daughter was physically assaulted by Mayank was in February 2016, when the couple travelled to Dubai for honeymoon.

It was in Dubai, she alleged, that Anissia came to know about Mayank’s first marriage. Last month, Anissia had reportedly called her parents to Delhi for mediation as their fight assumed alarming proportions. Mayank allegedly hit the deceased’s mother when she tried to discuss the matter with him.

The couple lived in south Delhi’s Hauz Khas area.

The deceased’s family had accused police of going slow against Mayank alleging that latter had connections with powerful people in judiciary. It was only after the considerable outrage in the media that the police were forced to arrest Mayank, who’s currently in judicial custody.

One Anissia’s friend had told Janta Ka Reporter that the deceased was never keen to marry him but the peer pressure forced her tie the knot with Mayank.

“She was in her late 30s. She realised that she wasn’t getting younger. If she had her own wish, Anissia wasn’t going to marry Mayank. But the peer pressure that all her childhood friends were settled and had children was something she was very conscious about,” said her friend.