“Shame on you NHRC India”: Modi fan Arun Mishra-led body faces widespread condemnation for asking if human rights are ‘stumbling block’ in fighting naxalism


Remember Arun Mishra, who famously disgraced himself by publicly praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a sitting Supreme Court judge? He was later appointed as the head of India’s National Human Rights Commission. On Tuesday, the body headed by him faced widespread condemnation for hosting a debate with the topic being ‘Are human rights a stumbling block in fighting evils like terrorism & naxalism.’

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But noo sooner did the NHRC India tweet the topic from its official Twitter handle, the body began to face incessant criticism.

Trinamool Congress spokesperson Saket Gokhale tweeted, “This is how low we’ve gone down the shitter. India’s supposedly “independent institution for protecting human rights” is debating whether “human rights are a barrier for carrying out tortures & extra judicial killings”. Shame on you @India_NHRC. But you have none.”

Author and former Amnesty India head, Aakar Patel, tweeted sarcastically, “yes we should abolish (human rights) entirely.”

Here’s how netizens reacted with many calling for the organisation to shut down since it had failed in its objective to preserve the human rights of Indian citizens.

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Arun Mishra had courted controversy when he publicly praised Modi even while serving as a Supreme Court judge in 2020. He had called Modi a ‘versatile genius’ and ‘visionary leader.’

Speaking at the International Judicial Conference 2020 – ‘Judiciary and the Changing World’ at the Supreme Court, Justice Mishra had said, “Dignified human existence is our prime concern. We thank the versatile genius, who thinks globally and acts locally, Shri Narendra Modi, for his inspiring speech which would act as a catalyst in initiating the deliberations and setting the agenda for the conference.”

The controversial former judge retired from the Supreme Court in September last year.

Immediately after his retirement as the Supreme Court judge, Mishra was appointed as the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission in India.