Sex video of BJP’s Jharkhand politician goes viral on internet

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A sex video of a BJP’s woman politician in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, has gone viral on internet. According to a report by NewsX, the person responsible for allegedly leaking the video is the ‘participating’ man in the film.

In the video, both the lady BJP politician and the man can be seen in an intimate position. The sexual act was secretly recorded by the man seen in the video.

The video, 6.35 minutes in length, has become a rage on internet primarily because it involves a prominent face from India’s ruling party.

In the video both the lady politician and her male friend are seen in intimate position.

The woman has reportedly blamed her rivals for the ‘conspiracy’ alleging that it was being done to destroy her public image. Revealing the name of the person, who leaked the video, she said that it was Satyendra Sinha, who she said was her old friend.

She alleged the Sinha had extorted Rs 7 lakh from her before uploading the video.



  1. Instead of supporting leaders there are few who love to ruin and interfere in their private life. It’s her personal choice, personal life. Shameless people can only troll behind the phone. They don’t have guts to speak out

  2. Arnab has every right to support BJP m Modi government. In the name of secularism, Congress had destroyed the social fabric of the nation with appeasement politics n persecuted the Hindus.. After 70 years of Independence, now we got a government wherein a Hindu can feel proud to say that he is a Hindu. The pseudo secularists n pseudo intelligentsia are feeling suffocated since 2014. 3 states winning is not end of the century.


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