School girl thrashes a boy in police station, policemen mute spectators


A video clip of a school girl beating a boy in an Uttar Pradesh police station has gone viral. In the clip, the girl Sanjana is seen beating, kicking and slapping a boy who had allegedly harassed her. Amazingly, a police officer watches all this brutality in the background as a mute spectator.

Sanjana is a class 11 student from Pilibhit district of UP. At one point in the video, she is even seen twisting the boy’s arm. The boy later falls on her feet to apologize in order to save himself from the thrashing.

But the beating does not stop here as Sanjana now takes off her shoe and starts beating the boy with it, asking him if he would ever repeat his actions.

The offender, Ankit was notorious for harassing girls in the area. When Sanjana realized Ankit was following her, she followed him to the police station and then dragged him inside. What followed later was a lesson the young boy would never forget.