Sanjay Nirupam raises questions on role of EVMs in Gujarat results


Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam has alleged that the good performance by BJP in Gujarat was due to EVM fraud.

Photo courtesy: ndtv

Taking to Twitter, Nirupam questioned the saffron party’s good showing despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing empty chairs and ‘people of Gujarat being against the BJP.’

He wrote, “When the entire Gujarat was against the BJP and Prime Minister addressed empty chairs, then today’s victory has happened not because the people of the state but EVMs. We always suspected it and, therefore, warn people to beware because India’s democracy is in danger.”

This is the first time the Congress has officially raised their suspicions on the authenticity of the EVMs, whose credibility has come under intense scrutiny.

Janta Ka Reporter had carried two-part series raising pertinent questions on the fallibility of EVMs.