Sanjay Jha removed as Congress spokesperson after he writes article critical of party


The Congress on Wednesday dropped Sanjay Jha from its list of designated spokespersons. This came just days after Jha wrote a scathing piece in a newspaper questioning the direction of his party.


The statement from the Congress read, “Hon’ble Congress President has approved the appointment of Shri Abhishek Dutt and Ms Sadhna Bharti as National Media Panelist of Indian National Congress. Hon’ble Congress President has also approved that Shri Sanjay Jha be dropped as AICC Spokesperson with immediate effect.”

Writing for Times of India on 7 June, Jha had said, “It is a false claim that there exists a robust internal democratic process that listens to individual voices, and more importantly, is continuously focused on party renewal, political strategy, tactical warfare, leadership development and resuscitation starting at the grassroots, the erstwhile USP of the Congress.”

He had concluded his blog by writing, “A few days ago, Congressmen fondly remembered their distinguished statesman-leader Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on his death anniversary. I wish to remind them that Nehru once wrote a scathing advisory to himself under a pseudonym recommending restraint on centralisation of power. Instead of superficial manifestations annually on May 27, Congress needs to emulate Nehru’s greatness. Charity, after all, begins at home.”