Right-wing trolls target Veere Di Wedding’s Swara Bhaskar with identical tweets, all get spelling of masturbation hilariously wrong


Veere Di Wedding actor Swara Bhaskar has once again been a target of the right-wing troll army, who began to give her grief on the microblogging site hours after the film starring her, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor was released.

However, the striking feature of Saturday’s trolling was that it appeared to be a part of a coordinated campaign whereby trolls posted identical tweets targeting the actor.

The identical tweet read, “..Just watched #VeereDiWedding with my grandmother. We got embarrassed when that masturabation (sic) scene came on screen. as we came out of the theater my grandmother said ” I’m hindustan and i am ashamed of #VeereDiWedding.”

Aside from the grammar of the tweet being all over the place, the trolls had got the spelling of masturbation hilariously wrong. Since, it was a part of a coordinated attack against Swara, everyone ended up using the same wrong spelling as ‘masturabation.’

This became a butt of jokes on social media where users including journalists began to poke fun at what they called was the handiwork of ‘BJP’s IT Cell’ members.

Joy Das, whose Twitter bio describes him as a professional working in an ad agency, wrote, “For some weird reasons, people who cant spell “Masturbation” are going to watch #VeereDiWedding with their Grandmothers and want answers from @ReallySwara”

Veteran journalist Vir Sanghvi wrote, “So shameful and blatant. Surely the IT cell has better things to do than ask its employees to send out these illiterate identical tweets! And don’t they have spell check anyway?” Journalist Rahul Pandita sacrastically asked, “Why are so many sanskari people watching #VeereDiWedding with their grandmothers?”

PR professional Soni Mahdi Aggarwal wrote, “Out of curiosity, why would you take your granny out to see an adult movie if you are awkward around her? While on grannies, I just saw #TheBookClub and it was a riot! Hollywood can deal with 70 year old women’s sexuality and here a movie on fiesta young women is offensive?” sic.

Veere Di Wedding opened to a rocking start on Friday, when it collected nearly Rs 11 crore at the box office. It also busted the myth that films with cuss words did not do well in the international market as Veere Di Wedding breezed through the top ten charts of Australia, UK and New Zealand, wrote trade analyst Taran Adarsh.

Swara was one of those Bollywood actors, who had taken part in the country-wide campaign to voice her anger on the gruesome gang-rape and murder of an 8-year-old child in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district. The identical message written on the actors’ placards had read, “I am Hindustan.I am Ashamed. #JusticeForAasifa. 8 years old. Gangraped. Murdered. In ‘Devi’-sthaan temple. #Kathua”

Swara had later also fiercely defended Kareena after Hindutva trolls targeted the latter for marrying a Muslim, Saif Ali Khan.