Does Modi’s translator in Singapore reveal that PM’s interview and his answers are scripted?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has found himself in a spot of bother as questions may be raised on whether his latest interview at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University on Friday was scripted.

The prime minister was interviewed before a live audience by NTU president Subra Suresh, who, as well as asking him questions also took questions from pre-decided members of the audience. As part of the ‘Transforming Asia Through Innovation’ session, Suresh began by asking about the challenges faced by Asia and what it needed to do to address them.

Modi said, “Suresh asked me about the challenges faced by Asia in its ambition to have a bright future. One fact is clear that the entire world is now convinced about the 21st century belonging to Asia. The biggest challenge is whether we the people of Asia feel this fact or not. Is it that we are only feeling good about hearing or it’s actually motivating us to make the 21st century the century of Asia. This is a big challenge. Even today, we are still influenced by other parts of the world since this is how we’ve lived our life. That’s why even we find it hard to believe that this is our turn, we are capable of doing something and we will do it.”

However, what came next was nothing less than shocking (Watch video from 2 mins  and 29 secs till the end). The content communicated to the audience by Modi’s English translator sounded like a page from a script or government statement. She said, “The question that was posed to me by Suresh was Asia’s main challenges and how can we resolve them. First of all, I think the biggest challenge before us is that the 21st century belongs to Asia, and do we really feel this ourselves, do we have this sentiment? I think that is the biggest challenge because in this part of the world, we have been so much impressed by the rest of the World that we do not feel that now it is our turn. Asia has seen the maximum rise in prosperity, opportunity and freedom in the World. Japan led the process, Asian tigers followed, China has become a major economy and it is India’s turn to progress now. Yet, Asia has many challenges, South Asia, South-East Asia in particular, have similar strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and challenges. There are the following challenges that are common: • Skills for the digital age • Creating adequate jobs in the age of digital reception • Agriculture • Productivity • Water • Pollution • Rapid and mass urbanization • Sustainable habitats and affordable housing • Climate change • Protection of biodiversity • Building Sustainable infrastructure • Affordable healthcare • Protecting our ocean and blue economy These challenges require collaboration among governments, universities and laboratories. Policy interventions are important. A lot of finance would be needed, but given the scale and magnitude. We need innovation and technology to address these challenges. These should be the priorities of our governments.”

It appears that, as part of a scripted interview, Modi was meant to say everything the lady translator read out from a piece of paper but the former simply forgot to. However, the translator went ahead and read everything from the paper, she may have been handed to by the prime minister’s PR team. From exactly 3 mins and 49 secs, you will notice that the translator roughly starts translating what PM Modi actually said in Hindi. However it starts getting bizarre when at 4 mins and 18 secs the translator is seemingly caught reading out from a script adding facts and figures to the PM’s purported answer, which he never gave in the first place.

Modi had come under flak for his interview during his London trip in April, where lyricist and the censor board chief, Prasoon Joshi, ‘interviewed’ him before a live audience. Joshi’s questions had included ‘how does Modi manage to work such long hours’ and ‘I detect a piety in you, were you always like that or you achieved this slowly and gradually.’

Not known for entertaining two-way communication, Modi’s previous TV interviews have been given to Zee News, Times Now and News18, a channel owned by Mukesh Ambani. On all those occasions, his interviews had come under heavy scrutiny after the channel representatives agreed to indulge in glorification of the prime minister.




  1. Had Rahul Gandhi was in place of Modi,he would have easily answer ed whatever questions thrown at him.Its a pity an ” Uneducated” PM represents India now.Wait for one more year.There will be a queue of journos from across the globe interviewing the young & dynamic,knows all Rahul & India’s greatness as a world leader will once again come to the fore

  2. You are going to make a person as pm of India who even you ask “Gandhi ji ke tin bander” he will reply but reading out piece of paper might be in wrong way. I am not BJP person but also not support Rahul because he will never under our problem. Ofcourse Indira Gandhi was great lady. Where we indian are today just due to her. She make a strong platform for us. Really she have great view.

    • How do you analyse Rahul’s capability. That was the trick played by Modi and Sha that they spread a bad image on Rahul. But the truth will come one day
      If you say Indira Gandhi a great leader i agree…. but how could you forget about Manmohan’s contribution. Because of Manmohan we stand proud in front of world his outstanding contribution and vision about Indian economy. I agree that there are lot many capable leaders in congress tha Rahul but those so called leaders need support of Rahul or his family for unity in their party and if you remember so called congress leaders dragged Sonia/Rahul to politics to save congress. Dont forget the facts. That is what Modi and Sha strategy to campaign against Sonia/Rahul so the congress will loose unity.

      • Few people understand and articulate the reality as you did here, everyone just jumps to dramatic uneducated conclusions, 2019 will bring in a new era, can’t wait to see the new frontiers we’ll climb minus these buffoons in power today

    • New technique by IT trollers while not acknowledging themselves bhakth but ready to criticise or undermine Rahul Ganthi…………..

  3. At the end only the stipdest of men still listen . This is the penalty for pretense. You cannot pretend an alternate reality and the bubble will invariably burst.

  4. “Europe’s past is Asia’s future” – Samuel Huntingdon. & the stark reality, whatever Modiji says.

  5. To become the prime minister of any (even a smallest country), highest education like that of Manmohan Singh is an absolute must.How fake he is will be known if he calls one press conference inviting national and international journalists

  6. It’s not right like commenting on PM on abroad platform mistakes we are always catching rats digging hills after all he is also trying hard to pose our nation in a different way vividly those attempts are also giving results but there is no doubt that the nation’s leader who gave a different look for our country after freedom her speeches were very short and precise and sharp no body dared to talk about like this on abroad that respect was there for her

    • She just read out the pre-prepared script. Guess no-one told her to just interpret what Modi said. Modi forgot the script….he should have been given a copy too.

  7. Narendra Modi does not believe in a dialogue , it is always a monologue!He is afraid to face journalists,he once appeared with Karan Thapar & left the stage after few minutes.Has never faced any interview after that

  8. Narendra Modi never likes dialogue, which is the essence of democracy.he likes monologue .Only once he appeared with Karan Thapar & left the stage soon after the first question.

    • This is the real issue that this incident exposes. People in the comments roll are wasting their time discussing education or lack of it. RG’s capability or lack of it. The real issue is that we have a PM who is an epitome of intolerance and is scared s**t of open dialogue.

  9. The less said the better about this fake reformer, better known as NaMo, the Feku…. To hell with this product of ill-breeding….


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