Repeat of mass suicides of Delhi’s Burari family? 3 dead bodies found from flat in Vasant Vihar


The Delhi Police have found three dead bodies from a flat in the city’s Vasant Vihar area prompting many to suspect if this was a repeat of the mass suicides that stunned India’s national capital in 2018.

Vasant Vihar
Photo: India Today Twitter

Quoting the Delhi Police, ANI reported that cops had found three bodies from a flat in Vasant Vihar. The flat was believed to be locked from the inside. “Police opened the door and found that the gas cylinder was partially opened &there was a suicide note,” the Delhi Police was quoted as saying.

The report added that the police also found three 3 angithis, which is a traditional brazier used for space-heating and cooking in parts of India. These angithis were reportedly kept in the room. The police suspect that all three people may have died due to suffocation.

“Inquest proceedings have been initiated; no allegations by anyone, say police after it recovered three bodies from a house in Vasant Vihar yesterday,” the police said.

The chilling development of Vasant Vihar has come as a reminder of the mass suicides that shocked the nation in 2018.

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On 30 June 2018, cops had recovered the blindfolded and gagged bodies of 11 members of the same family from their north Delhi house.  The police investigating the case later revealed that the family had begun preparations at least 10 days before they all ended their lives in a “mass suicide.”