Amarinder dares, Kejriwal accepts challenge for debate


The twitter spat between Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Congress leader Captain Amarinder Singh took to a new level on Monday after the former accepted the challenge from his rival for a debate.

Both leaders have been engaged in Twitter spat since Sunday hurling allegations at each other.

On Monday, Amarinder tweeted challenging Kejriwal for a live debate ahead of next year’s assembly elections.

His tweet said, “Now that you’ve shot your mouth, don’t scoot like you typically do!Show courage & come for an open debate. Choose the time, place & platform.”

The Delhi chief minister wasted no time in accepting his challenge when he tweeted, “I accept ur challenge sir. I suggest 4 names- H S Phoolka, Jarnail Singh, Bhagwant or Gurpreet. Speaker, date, time, place of ur choice. (sic)”

Amarinder’s tweet was in response to Kejriwal’s earlier post on microblogging site accusing him of colluding with ‘Majithia’ while using drug money in his election campaign.

He had alleged, “Sir, ppl talking in Punjab that u using Majithia’s drug money in ur campaign. Is it true? U had saved him from CBI enquiry 3 yrs back (sic).”

Amarinder felt that Kejriwal was hiding behind his party colleagues by not making himself available for the debate.

He said, “Punjabis believe in leading from the front,not hiding behind others.Or have you already accepted that you can’t face me for a public debate?.”

Kejriwal tweeted with a counter punch saying he had already challenged the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and the vice president Rahul Gandhi for a similar debate in the past.

He said, “I am not hiding behind anyone sir. I am ready for a debate with Rahul ji or Sonia ji anytime. Our punjab team will debate wid u. (sic).”