10,000 Amritsar students dance for drug-free Punjab


Over 10,000 students in Punjab on Saturday staked their claim for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest dance performance at one place.

The organisers said that the students at the historic Khalsa College campus in Amritsar also took a pledge against drug abuse.

Organised by the Sun Foundation and the Amritsar district administration, the theme of the dance performance was, ‘Shake your legs, Keep away from drugs’.

Training session for Guiness world record for largest Bollywood dance (Dance academy-Instagram)


“The entire event was monitored by 10 CCTV cameras and judged by 200 judges for a five-minute synchronised performance by the largest gathering of participants. The performance was choreographed by prominent choreographers Pankaj and Preeti. Former Indian cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi was also present,” an organiser said.

Amritsar deputy commissioner Ravi Bhagat, the man behind the initiative, said the mega event will give a fillip to the ongoing anti-drugs campaign in the state.

Organisers said that in 2012, 4,400 children had gathered in Mumbai and registered the then world record for the largest dance performance.