Sehaj Arora of Punjab’s Kulhad Pizza couple reacts to ‘death’ rumour after leaked intimate video, makes passionate plea to media


Remember Sehaj Arora and his wife Gurpreet Kaur, also known as Kulhad Pizza couple? They dominated social media conversations for several days after their intimate video was leaked online. Now, Arora has had to issue another appeal on social media refuting the rumours about his death.

Arora wrote on Facebook, “Fake News (Bohat Call Aa rhe 2 din ton please Stop). Media is requested not to edit old interviews and run them. Dear public Don’t trust any kind of interview.”

This was after several little-known Facebook page carried news of his death with sensational headlines. One headline with a voiceover said, “Kulhad pizza couple passed away.” Another headline read, “Kulhad Pizza couple Sehaj Arora passed away.”

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Arora’s wife recently gave birth to a child. However, days later, she found herself at the centre of intense media scrutiny as the couple’s private video was leaked online.

The Jalandhar Police in Punjab later arrested a woman for leaking the video of the couple. Arora said that the woman in question was one of his former employees, who was sacked due to unsatisfactory performance. The woman, Arora had claimed, had tried to black him by demanding Rs. 20,000.